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5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Living Wall

living walls

A splash of greenery in your office is a quick and surefire way to liven up your workspace. The benefits of indoor plants have been made clear in countless studies, and they also happen to be beautiful to look at! While we understand that your rooms may be pressed for space, you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of nature in your office. If you want to incorporate plants into your setting but you’ve got no room for vases, living walls could be the perfect solution! They take up no more space than an ordinary wall would, while refreshing the look of your office with a coat of natural beauty.

Should you remain unconvinced, here are 5 reasons why your office needs a living wall.

Living Walls Increase Air Quality

In a stuffy indoor office, maintaining air quality can be a struggle. Opening the windows works for a short while, but regulating temperature with open windows is impossible. Keeping employees warm and supplied with fresh air during the winter is difficult, but not with a living wall! Your plants will absorb all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and provide clean oxygen to your team. All the while, you can leave your heating on to keep everybody happy, and your windows shut to protect from extreme weather.

Living Walls Regulate Temperature

During the summer, you’ll find living walls equally as beneficial! Your indoor plants will absorb half of the sunlight that reaches them, while only reflecting thirty percent back – so your workspace will remain cooler. Ultimately this means you’ll need to spend less money operating your air conditioning in the summer, and you’ll be saving energy too! A living wall truly is an eco-friendly investment, so you’re helping the environment while enjoying nature’s benefits.

Living Walls Create Fire Resistance

Though we sincerely hope you never have to face a fire as a business, fire security is something you must consider with your building. A living wall creates extra resistance on your premises, as plants naturally contain a lot of moisture that will slow the spread of a blaze. Anything at all that you can do to protect your employees’ safety is worth doing, and a wall of plants will allow extra time for evacuation.

Living Walls Increase Productivity

A green workplace is generally pleasant to spend time within, and plenty of plants mean a healthy indoor climate. There are fewer complaints of tired eyes, headaches and sore throats in workplaces full of nature, which means fewer absences! Plants can also incentivise hard work, and office flowers make fabulous rewards for dedicated team members. Flowers are much healthier than a box of chocolates, and your entire workplace will appear more colourful as a result – just as with a living wall!

Living Walls Reduce Ambient Noise

As if we haven’t given enough incentive to install a living wall already, they make your office quieter! A living wall essentially acts as a sound barrier to your building. They absorb around forty percent more noise than a traditional wall, providing a more peaceful environment for your staff while they’re trying to concentrate. Your living wall will also absorb the noise you produce before it reaches the outside of your building, so your neighbours will be equally grateful for the quiet!


Contact us at Aztec Plants to discover the difference a living wall could make to your office space. Whether you’re looking to refresh the appearance of your rooms, or you’re struggling with sound pollution and air quality, we have the perfect solution for your business.

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