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Addressing digital fatigue and enhancing workplace wellbeing

Case Study Details

Client: Sedus

Product: Innovative office furniture

Industry: Office equipment

We have recently partnered with Sedus, an office furniture manufacturer. This collaboration aims to address digital fatigue and enhance workplace wellbeing through innovative biophilic design.

Sedus’s new line of products, featuring mobile and matrix planters, integrates seamlessly with Aztec’s expertise in plant selection and interior landscaping.

Sedus is committed to combating digital fatigue by creating work environments that promote health and wellbeing. Central to this approach is biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements into office spaces to improve mental health and productivity.

Sedus’s latest products exemplify this philosophy by incorporating plants, organic shapes, and natural, stimulating colours to create areas where employees can enjoy feel-good moments away from their screens.

  • Mobile Planter:

    • This versatile product acts as a movable barrier planter that can be filled with various plant species.
    • It allows for flexible space division within the office, adapting to changing needs and preferences.
    • The mobile planter not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment.


  • Matrix Planter:

    • A modern, modular, and multifunctional piece of furniture, the matrix planter can be integrated with other Sedus products such as desks and cabinets.
    • This flexibility enables the effortless creation of green areas within the workspace, fostering a more dynamic and inviting atmosphere.


Sedus enlisted the expertise of Aztec Plants to select appropriate plant species for their new furniture line. Aztec’s extensive knowledge of indoor plants ensured that the chosen species would thrive in office environments, providing maximum aesthetic and health benefits.

The collaboration between Sedus and Aztec Plants was prominently showcased at the recent Clerkenwell Design Week in London. This event, attended by interior designers and architects, provided an ideal platform to demonstrate the innovative furniture and plant integration.

The partnership between Aztec Plants and Sedus represents a step forward in creating healthier and more engaging office environments. By combining Sedus’s innovative furniture design with Aztec’s expertise in plant selection, the collaboration has addressed the challenges of digital fatigue and promoted overall well-being in the workplace.

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