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The Benefits of Indoor Plants When Working From Home

The Benefits of Indoor Plants When Working From Home

Working from home can easily feel repetitive and restrictive without a fresh, fun environment around your desk. Considering you’re preparing to spend hours indoors at any one time, it’s important that you incorporate nature into your home office design to avoid going stir-crazy! Indoor plants will be your best friend in freshening up your house and adding a splash of colour into your workspace. Not only are your leafy friends aesthetically beneficial, but they have some health advantages too.

Here are just a few of the benefits of indoor plants when working from home and why you should incorporate them into your office design!

Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality

Why not use photosynthesis to your full advantage? Any indoor plants that you adopt will absorb carbon dioxide in your office and release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere. Considering all of the hours you’re likely to spend in your workspace, you’ll want your air quality to be as impressive as possible! Not only will you find it easier to breathe, but your health will improve long-term, too, since you’re less likely to develop headaches and breathing problems.

Indoor Plants Improve Outlook and Mood

Indoor plants help buffer the effects of feelings like stress and anxiety, so any employees with a leafy office are likely to enjoy their job roles more. Happier, healthier team members are more productive, rational, and able to tackle problem-solving with a positive outlook! Even gifting your workforce office flowers can improve their concentration since they’ll feel valued and secure in their positions and therefore more dedicated to your company.

Indoor Plants Encourage Creativity

Beautiful surroundings encourage beautiful ideas! Getting out into nature isn’t an option when you’re working an office job. Still, the stress-relieving and inspiring nature of trees and greenery can be replicated with a clever houseplant. A few minutes of looking at leafy pots can energise employees to take a different approach to their workload; their attitude brightened by the presence of colourful leaves and flowers.

Indoor Plants Keep Employees Active

All plants require some degree of maintenance. Whether you settle for an easy-going succulent or install entire living walls, you’ve got to ensure that they’re receiving enough moisture and sunlight to survive and thrive. The responsibility that indoor plants provide can keep demotivated team members accountable for delivering care, especially when you make regular Zoom calls to check on wellbeing! Maintaining indoor plants can easily be turned into a competition, providing entertainment for all employees to experience together.

Indoor Plants Support Recovery

Perhaps some team members have been stuck working from home after an injury or an illness. Incorporating nature into their workspace encourages and supports physical recovery! An aesthetically pleasing environment with improved air quality is the perfect spot for any team member to get back to grips with their job role. Indoor gardening is also only a small maintenance task, but it inspires a little boost of productivity, making all the difference in speedy recovery.

Indoor Plants Reduce Noise Levels

Bushy indoor plants, and huge instalments like living walls, can reduce the noise levels in any office. Stems and leaves absorb sound, and thick, fleshy plants are particularly effective due to their dynamic surface area! A reduction in noise pollution entering and leaving a home office means higher levels of privacy and more effortless concentration since there are fewer distractions. Who doesn’t want a quiet space when they’re trying to focus on the tasks at hand?

The Conclusion on Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a simple, cost-effective way to demonstrate to your employees that their wellbeing is a concern of yours. If you want to inspire productivity, encourage creativity and support the recovery of your workforce, contact us at Aztec Plants for quality indoor office plants.

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