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Biophilic Office Design

Biophilia refers to humans being drawn to nature and having an instinctive bond with natural surroundings.

Biophilic office design is an increasing trend of bringing the outdoors into the workspace. The workplace is evolving. We now prioritise wellness and encourage a more relaxed approach to office interior design, leading to an increase in biophilic inspired decor. 


Biophilic office design intends to create a workspace that supports wellbeing, a sense of community, and creativity. Traditional workplaces are unwelcoming, bland, and sterile environments, but this is changing thanks to biophilic design. Introducing biophilic decor into your workplace brings a whole load of benefits, from improved productivity to enhanced mental health and happiness; this is the future of the workplace.


Improve Workplace Wellbeing with a green office design

Numerous studies have proven that introducing biophilic design elements into the workplace has many positive effects on working. Staff productivity soars when the office design feels welcoming and relaxed. This is all due to improved concentration levels, increased air quality, and a choice of work settings (including outdoor seating areas and rooftop spaces).

Creativity in the workplace brings fresh ideas and keeps staff motivated. Biophilic office design creates a more stimulating workplace, encouraging creativity. Views of the outdoors and the use of natural light reduce fatigue, and incorporating natural colours creates a relaxed atmosphere. Being in natural spaces reduces stress; biophilic office design turns the workspace into an enjoyable space!

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Living wall inside an office's open space

Biophilic Interior Design To Suit Any Space

Not every workplace has picturesque natural views, and it’s not always possible to have a rooftop garden. This is why it is essential to bring the natural elements inside. Living walls are suitable for offices of any size, and the benefits of installing living walls are acknowledged by experts worldwide. Not only do living walls help regulate air temperature and fight against pollution, but they are also an extension of your brand. 

No space or budget is too small for biophilic office design. You can begin by introducing desk plants or office flowers. Then, once you notice all the fantastic benefits of doing so, you can incorporate more elements of biophilic decor. You won’t look back. Biophilic office design is here to stay!

Key Biophilic Design Principles

Utilising Your Outdoor Areas

If your workplace is lucky enough to have outdoor space, use it! Outdoor seating and tables allow staff to work outdoors, weather permitting. Improved wellbeing and creativity come hand in hand with access to fresh air.

Having Access to Natural Light 

Artificial lighting can be harsh and overpowering, resulting in eye strain and fatigue. Using natural light wherever possible has a significant impact on employee wellbeing and cuts down electricity bills.

Using Natural Textures and Materials

A popular biophilic design feature is using wood and stone in aspects around the office. Desks, wall decor, communal areas; using natural materials in these features helps bring the outdoors in.

Incorporating Plants & Flowers

Perhaps the most apparent biophilic design feature is using greenery inside. Office plants, flowers, and living walls are all solutions suitable for any space.

Clever Use of Colour

Dull colours can have a detrimental effect on mood and creativity, so it makes no sense for these colours to be used in biophilic interior design. Biophilic office design includes earthy tones which mimic outdoor landscapes.

Whether you want to incorporate more office plants or create a biophilic seating area, Aztec plants can help design your new and improved office space. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how we can help your business thrive with biophilic interior design!

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