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Flowers for boardrooms

Despite trying not to base our decision on those first few seconds, the truth of the matter is that first impressions do matter. This is particularly true in business.

The impression that you give your customers in the first few seconds of being in your office, hotel, restaurant or reception area will influence the way they think and regard you.

A great way to improve the first impressions is to have some flowers to greet them.

This simple touch can convey that you have been successful, and create an impressive and colourful look. Not only this but flowers are incredibly welcoming too. Just what you need to achieve with those all-important customers. It gives the potential client confidence that the company they are entrusting their business to is professional and able to cope with their often stringent requirements.

So, why first impressions are so important and how can they have a lasting impact on your business?

They show your customers that you are professional

Any business will want to make sure that they are seen as professional, and the first impressions that people have will mainly be based around whether you are competent and qualified partner for them.

If they don’t think that you look professional, then they may not want to do business with you. Maybe clients shouldn’t think that way, but most of us know from our own experience what its like to walk into a company and immediately question in our minds whether they are a right fit for our organisation.

Looking good is important

It may seem shallow, but one of the biggest factors in first impressions is how you look. So, it is important to make sure that your business looks great! This is particularly true in areas where customers will spend time, such as the reception, or outside the main entrance. Experiment with flowers, colours and locations.

Look like you care with flowers

A business that is run down and not looking its best, will give the impression that it doesn’t care, and no-one wants to do business with a company that lacks in drive. It may make customers think that your service or product has the same lacklustre approach and that they will not be getting good value for their money.

Now you know more about why first impressions count, why not see if you can create the right one for your business? We at Aztec have years of experience of providing the perfect welcome for clients, and often it can be something as simple as just placing some flowers inside the reception. But the right choice is critical, and our advice and help is free. Call us today on 01553 617060 and we’ll be thrilled to help.

A few small changes can go a long way to making sure that your customers are impressed, and encourage them to do business with you!

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