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Exploring the Power of Moss Walls in London Offices

Moss Walls in London Offices with Aztec Plants


Living walls, moss walls, and living pictures are increasingly popular features in modern office environments. As more companies recognise the benefits of biophilic design, incorporating elements of nature into workspace, installations like moss walls have become a popular way to add natural beauty while improving air quality, acoustic properties, and employee well-being.

Introducing Living Walls and Moss Walls

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens, utilise hydroponics to grow plants on structures mounted to interior walls. From lush green foliage to subtle succulents, living walls bring vitality and fresh oxygen into indoor spaces. Moss walls specifically feature preserved moss panels affixed to walls in pleasing designs. They provide a lush, earthy backdrop without intensive maintenance needs.

Popularity of Natural Elements in London Offices

In eco-conscious cities like London, moss walls and other biophilic elements are increasingly found in office environments. Natural textures and earthy hues provide warmth and visual interest while improving indoor air quality. As employees spend more time in office spaces, incorporating nature is an impactful way to enhance wellness and productivity.

Benefits of Moss Walls in the Workplace

From aesthetic enhancements to health benefits, moss walls offer several advantages in the workplace. They require little maintenance compared to living walls with flowering plants. The moss’s natural properties also absorb sound and filter pollutants. As London offices embrace biophilic principles, moss walls present an appealing addition to support employee health and focus.

With their multifaceted advantages, moss walls present a compelling case for biophilic design elements in hotel lobbies.

Benefits of Moss Walls in the Workplace

Moss walls offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive addition to office environments. Firstly, they enhance office interiors with natural beauty and visual interest. The soft green hues and intricate textures of moss create a living work of art that is soothing and inviting. Unlike generic office d├ęcor, a moss wall has organic shapes and depth that catch the eye. It brings vibrancy and life to otherwise plain walls or spaces.

Aesthetic Appeal

Studies show that spaces with natural elements boost productivity, creativity, and wellbeing. Moss walls incorporate the outdoors indoors through the use of preserved moss. The organic shapes, soothing colours, and intricate details have biophilic design qualities that make spaces more inspiring and engaging to work in.

Air Quality Improvement

Like other plants, moss walls help filter indoor air. As they absorb moisture, they also trap airborne pollutants like dust, chemicals, and allergens. This leads to cleaner, healthier indoor air quality. Better air quality means fewer sick days and respiratory issues, which improves productivity.

Noise Reduction

The dense, layered structure of preserved moss absorbs sound waves instead of reflecting them. This dampens ambient noise like chatter, phones, or office equipment. Through sound absorption, moss walls create a quieter workspace that enhances focus and concentration. This is especially beneficial for open plan offices.

Installation Considerations

Choosing the Right Type of Moss

When selecting moss for indoor installations like office moss walls, it’s important to choose varieties that are low-maintenance and suited to the indoor environment. Popular options include reindeer moss, mood moss, sheet moss, and cushion moss. These mosses prefer consistent humidity between 40-60% so do well indoors. They also don’t require soil, nutrients or sunlight to thrive. When installed properly in stabilised panels, these mosses can retain their colour and texture for years with very little upkeep needed.

Location and Lighting

When deciding on placement of a moss wall in an office, opt for locations away from heating/cooling vents to maintain ideal humidity levels. Northern or eastern exposures near windows are ideal for subtle natural light. If installing in darker spaces, consider supplementing with LED grow lights on timers to gently illuminate the moss. For maximum visual impact, place moss walls in high-traffic areas like lobbies, waiting areas, conference rooms and break rooms. Avoid southern exposures with direct sunlight as this can cause moss to dry out or fade over time. Proper lighting and strategic placement will ensure the moss thrives and enhances the workspace.

Maintenance and Care

When it comes to moss walls, one of the most appealing aspects is the minimal maintenance required to keep them looking lush and vibrant. Unlike living walls, moss walls do not require much watering, fertilising, or pruning. The moss is preserved so that it maintains its colour and texture without needing any care. This makes moss walls the ideal low-maintenance green feature for busy office environments.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, moss walls require virtually no regular maintenance. Occasional dusting with a soft brush is recommended to keep the moss clean, but no watering or trimming is necessary. The moss retains its vivid colour and lush appearance for years with minimal care. This aspect makes moss walls perfect for companies and offices that want to incorporate greenery and nature without adding responsibilities for staff or facilities teams.

Longevity and Durability

Properly cared for moss walls can remain vibrant and beautiful for years. The moss is preserved through a natural process that retains its colour and texture while preventing further growth or decay. As long as the moss wall remains in appropriate indoor conditions away from direct sunlight or moisture, it will maintain its allure with barely any upkeep. Companies can be confident investing in moss walls knowing they will enhance spaces with natural beauty for years to come.

Customisation Options

Design Flexibility

One of the great advantages of moss walls is their incredible design flexibility. Unlike living plant walls which have more constraints, preserved moss can be shaped and moulded into virtually any form. Moss walls can be created as flat panels, 3D shapes protruding from the wall, wraparound columns, and more. Companies can work closely with moss wall providers like Aztec Plants to create customised moss walls tailored to their unique office space. For example, an office with high angled ceilings could install wavy moss walls that complement and accentuate the architecture. Or a company could have their logo or brand colours integrated right into a moss wall behind the front desk area. The possibilities are endless when it comes to shaping and sizing moss walls to perfectly suit the needs of any office.

Incorporating Branding

Installing a moss wall with a company’s logo or brand colours incorporated offers a fantastic way to reinforce brand identity. The preserved moss can be arranged to spell out a company name in large stylised letters. Or more subtle elements like shapes, textures, or colours symbolic of the brand can be integrated into the moss wall’s design. For example, a tech company could have circuit board-style lines woven through their moss wall panels. And a hospitality brand could feature their signature vibrant green colour prominently in their office’s moss wall. Collaborating early on with a moss wall provider allows plenty of time to brainstorm fun ways to customise the installation for maximum brand integration. The end result is a truly one of a kind moss wall that reflects the essence of the business.

Moss Walls in London

London is home to some of the most innovative and successful moss wall installations in office environments. Companies like Aztec Plants have partnered with various businesses across the city to incorporate thriving moss walls that enhance workspace design and promote employee wellbeing.

Successful Installations

One great example is the moss wall installed at the London offices of creative agency Impero. Spanning an entire wall of their meeting room, the lush green moss design acts as an eye-catching focal point and provides acoustic benefits to dampen noise during meetings. Employees have responded positively to the installation, with many commenting on the relaxing and creative atmosphere it promotes.

Another successful moss wall installation can be found at the London headquarters of fintech company WorldRemit. Designed in collaboration with Aztec Plants, the installation comprises modular moss-covered panels that traverse an entire wall of their office canteen. The vibrant green colour scheme aligns with the company’s brand while creating a warm and welcoming space for employees to relax and refuel during their workday.

Aztec Plants’ Role

As a leading creator of preserved moss designs, Aztec Plants has been behind many of the most visually stunning moss walls in London offices. Using high-quality preserved reindeer moss from sustainable sources, the company’s experienced horticulturalists craft bespoke moss walls tailored to each client’s workspace.

From initial design consultations to long-term maintenance guidance, Aztec Plants provides end-to-end support to ensure thriving, sustainable moss walls. The company continually innovates with new moss varieties and installation techniques to create living artworks that enhance office environments across London.

By partnering with Aztec Plants for moss wall installations, London companies have been able to reap the acoustic, aesthetic, and wellness benefits these designs provide – ultimately creating more enjoyable, engaging workspaces.

Biophilic design, Aztec Plants


As we have seen throughout this blog post, incorporating moss walls into office environments provides a range of benefits. From an aesthetic perspective, the natural beauty of moss walls enhances office interiors with organic shapes, intriguing textures, and soothing green hues. The visual interest they add not only makes spaces more inviting and relaxing but also reflects a commitment to biophilic principles.

Beyond aesthetics, moss walls improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis. This promotes healthier indoor environments that facilitate greater comfort, wellbeing, and productivity. Additionally, the sound-absorbing properties of moss walls help dampen background noise, contributing to less distraction and more focus.

Encouraging Businesses to Adopt Moss Walls

With all these advantages, forward-thinking companies would do well to consider integrating moss walls into their workspaces. The flexibility in size and shapes enables customisation for different office layouts and brand identities. Moreover, the low maintenance needs of preserved moss walls make them easy additions even to busy office settings.

As showcased through examples in London, moss wall installations have had tangible positive impacts on employee experience, engagement, and retention. Hence, investing in moss walls also makes good business sense. Their sustainability, longevity, and ability to enhance spaces distinguish them as prime candidates for any office revamp focused on promoting wellness.


In closing, moss walls provide one avenue for infusing office environments with natural elements linked to productivity, creativity, and overall occupational success. Whether seeking an impactful centrepiece or meaningful step toward biophilic design, companies should recognise the power of moss walls in crafting workspaces that inspire employees and impress visitors.

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