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FTSE100 Company Case Study

Case Study Details:

Client: Confidential

Product: Office Refit

Industry: Corporate

This client is a FTSE100 company with a long history of excellence in its particular field of work. Having traded for many decades in the UK, it was time in 2014 for their head office to move to a smarter location. The new offices were to be more modern, allowing plenty of natural light and space to impact positively on the performance of the employees.


This company needed plants for a variety of reasons throughout the various areas of the office. They were used as a border for the canteen, separating workstations and creating privacy for staff next to the main walking areas. The planters were required to be sourced with bespoke measurements to fit on top of the new office furniture. This would maximize the effectiveness of the space available, freeing up valuable floor space.

What We Did

The original plan from AECOM was incredibly ambitious, and when it came to installation – the client’s budget was being looked at in close detail. When these concerns became apparent to us, we were able to suggest cost effective solutions to ensure that the majority of the scheme went ahead as planned. This involved changing a few of the plant species, altering the displays to ensure better visibility and even how we worked.

Our genuine and flexible approach to working was well received by the client, so we were chosen to carry out the installation. The client had opted for a hydroculture system, as part of their commitment to the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. We decided that the most cost effective way to install was to make up the planters onsite, something we’d normally prepare in advance. However, with over 80 planters to install – we still managed to complete our work in just two days.


The office has been significantly transformed from a bland area into a thriving populated workspace with lively looking plants, fully in line with the original designs from the architect. The plants are successful at keeping employees sheltered from the foot traffic of the office, as well as separating each team to provide some seclusion and reduce ambient noise. Furthermore the plants are growing healthily and providing lots of fresh air for the staff, making a happy and healthy workforce. The fresh flowers on display at reception are changed weekly, and continue to impress both visitors and staff.


By choosing the solution we provided, our client has enjoyed a complete service. Instead of having a potentially disjointed experience, with one set of contractors installing and another team maintaining – we’ve been able to have a thorough and consistent positive impact on the project from start to finish. As we are now maintaining the plants, we can stay true to the architect’s vision throughout the life-cycle of the plants. Our personal service has built a high level of trust with the client and our ability to respond quickly to their changing requirements was well received. The final project was finished on time and within budget, with the plants making a massive difference to the overall ‘feel’ of the offices. The bespoke planters we sourced matched perfectly with the office furniture already sourced, and allowed the client to enjoy a high number of plants without suffering from a lack of space. The positioning of the plants also forces the plants to keep paperwork confined to desk space, making the office look clean and tidy at all times. Furthermore the staff are much happier in the new office, making them more productive in their respective roles.

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