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Often business owners pay so much attention to the inner workings of their business that their premises get neglected, especially the outside. First impressions matter and a smart office front is a great way to start. A striking office garden landscape is a perfect way to create an inviting space for colleagues and clients. Most office gardens will benefit from the work of a professional landscape gardener to oversee the decisions that are made.

Choosing a Landscape Gardener

Taking care of an office garden can be time-consuming, no matter the size. We recommend hiring a professional team to plan and implement the office garden landscaping. That way, they will often take care of maintenance as well.

Exterior landscaping ultimately creates the first impression your clients receive about your quality and ability at work. The best landscape garden plans offer detailed, interactive spaces adorned with high-quality trees, plants and flowers.

By choosing a professional, they can ensure your landscape garden stays in bloom all year round. Their expertise will help you choose the right plants for each season and guarantee the flow from architecture to landscape.

Outdoor Seating Areas

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Outdoor seating areas are a great place to connect with your colleagues outside of the constraints of your office. We all know the benefits of fresh air, and a break from your computer screen can have it once in a while, increased productivity and boosted morale, to name a few.

Seating can be simple picnic benches or built-in seating walls. The interior of your office determines this decision. If you need your employees to remain relatively focused, even while away from their desks, shadow and privacy are a must. However, if you want staff to use their breaks to forget about work, a more open seating environment may work better. This is the preferred choice to spark conversation between employees and apartments that may not see each other through the working day.

Incorporating The Wildlife

A wildlife garden comes with several benefits. Not only does having wildlife present in the garden add to the visual aspect, but it can also help protect your flowers and create a well needed safe place for wildlife to bloom.  Insects play a vital role in the ecosystem through pollination, nutrients, and food sources for other wildlife. There has been a significant decline in beneficial insects due to habitat loss, pollution and other external factors. An insect hotel is a perfect addition to any space wanting to promote the healthy growth of plants and flowers and become a hub for wildlife growth.

Insect hotels are becoming more popular and appearing in a lot more urban areas to combat the effect the buildings are having on the environment. Having one as part of your office garden structure can become a talking point for your office to share on digital platforms and start conversations with your clients about your efforts to protect the environment.

When choosing the plants for your garden area, pay attention to the type of fertiliser and feed you use. The abuse of pesticides is killing our insects. There’s no point in having an insect hotel if there are no insect guests.

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Seasonal Colour Changes

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People notice colour. Plants and flowers genuinely are the gift that keeps on giving as there’s a range of choices for every season. You may choose to use flowers in sync with your company branding colours. While that might seem like a good choice, it may be harder to find plants the same colour all year round.

Different plants are suitable for other colours. We suggest, rather than following branding colours, we recommend mirroring the colours of the season. A garden that changes with the seasons allows for creative freedom and brightens up your office front all year round. If you have regular visits to your building, they’ll appreciate the effort that goes into a well-maintained office garden landscape and the changes over the year.

Each season offers an explosion of colour, and so does its flowers. Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are amongst the brightest of the bunch and are an instant mood lifter when in full bloom, particularly in the spring. They’re the perfect flower to have in an office garden. They’ll put a spring in clients and employees steps from the second they step into the grounds. Summer colour choices are a given; the brighter, the better. Fuschias, limelight hydrangeas and hibiscus flowers are the real showstoppers.

Some plants come into their own in the autumnal months. Ornamental cabbage and kale come in shades of green and purple but offer pink and cream tints when in full bloom. They’re also a great flower to add texture to your garden.

A go-to in the winter months is red, white and green. Who are we to argue with tradition? In the cold months, a holly with glossy green leaves and bright red berries will look right at home.

Connect the Architecture with the Landscape

While you may choose to follow the seasons for colour influence rather than branding colours, that doesn’t mean your office grounds can’t flow with your inside branding. The landscape should enhance the building rather than dominate it. Your choices of plant material and landscape additions should enhance what’s on the inside.

If your office building is very corporate and clean, your landscape will resemble the same with geometrical and regimented plant placements and straight lines in your hedges. However, organic curves are the way forward if your office is more relaxed. There may be less pattern or structure to your colour and plant and flower choices.

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Texture is the best way to ensure a synergy between architecture and landscape. The best way to incorporate texture? Plants! Something as specific as your flooring choices in your office can impact the feel of your office and the vibe you give off to employees and clients. If you’ve opted for a hardwood floor, it can often make a space feel cool and clean. If this is the case, a rockery garden and slate waterfall will seem right at home in your office landscape garden. If you opted for a carpet with a crazy pattern and bright colours, follow that into your garden!

Experiment with some crazy paving and brightly coloured plants and flowers. Topiary is a great way to express your creativity as you can shape the bush into whatever you like. A twisted tree at the entrance or a bush shaped like your logo can be a great talking point for your office. They can even be dressed up for certain holidays, covered in chocolate eggs and chicks for Easter or lights and baubles for Christmas.

At Aztec Plants, our years of experience has led us to develop a foolproof step by step process. This starts with an initial consultation to assess the areas and understand your goals. We apply our knowledge to the flowers and plants, making sure they bloom in your conditions whilst playing with textures to find the right fit for you.

 We want your office garden landscape to be an extension of your branding, be it your company values or office interior. We work hard to connect your architecture with the landscape all year round. Once installation is complete, our job is not done. Our maintenance technicians will take over; their main job is to keep things looking great for years to come. Contact our friendly and professional team today for more information on how we can transform your outdoor office space.

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