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Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Discover the enchanting Rabbit's Foot Fern, a perfect addition for purifying office air and enhancing decor. Contact Aztec Plants for expert plant hire services.

Rabbit’s Foot Fern Overview

Scientific name:

Davallia fejeensis



Water requirements:


Light requirements:

Partial Shade


Air Purifying

Table of Contents

Introduction to Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Meet the Rabbit’s Foot Fern (Davallia fejeensis), a plant that marries the elegance of delicate fern fronds with the unique charm of its fairy-tale-like rhizomes. Popular among both plant enthusiasts and office decorators, this fern is known for its robust and adaptable nature, making it an excellent companion for indoor environments.

Unique Characteristics

What sets the Rabbit’s Foot Fern apart are its striking, fur-like rhizomes that resemble a rabbit’s feet, which not only add to its mystical allure but also play a crucial role in its growth. These rhizomes sprawl over the container’s edge, creating a captivating display that makes this fern a favorite in any plant collection.

Origin and Ideal Environment

Native to the Fiji Islands, the Rabbit’s Foot Fern thrives in warm, humid conditions typical of tropical climates. It prefers temperatures between 60-75°F and struggles in temperatures below 55°F. Consistent warmth and avoiding cold drafts are vital to maintain its health.

Why It’s an Office Favorite

Beyond its visual appeal, the Rabbit’s Foot Fern enhances office spaces by purifying the air—removing toxins such as formaldehyde and improving overall air quality. Additionally, the presence of plants in the office has been linked to reduced stress and increased productivity.

Detailed Description of Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Growth and Aesthetics

This fern typically reaches up to 2 feet in height, creating a lush, green canopy. Its most distinctive feature, the furry rhizomes, not only adds visual interest but also helps propagate the plant. These rhizomes extend over the pot’s edge, providing a dramatic contrast to the delicate fronds above.

Care Requirements

As an epiphytic plant, the Rabbit’s Foot Fern thrives in well-draining soil and requires high humidity and indirect light to mimic its natural habitat. It’s sensitive to over-watering and cold temperatures, which can be detrimental to its health.

Ideal Office Plant

Its ability to adapt to indoor environments and the relative ease of care makes the Rabbit’s Foot Fern a popular choice for office spaces, contributing both aesthetic and air-purifying qualities to the workplace.

Optimal Care Guide

Lighting Needs

This fern thrives in bright, indirect light. A north or east-facing window is ideal, shielding it from direct sunlight that can scorch its leaves. Artificial lighting can also suffice, making it adaptable to less naturally-lit office environments.

Watering and Humidity

Regular watering that allows the soil to remain moist but not waterlogged is crucial. The fern benefits from high humidity, which can be achieved through misting or using a humidifier, mimicking its tropical origins.

Temperature Considerations

The ideal temperature range for this fern is 60-75°F. It should be protected from temperatures that fall below 55°F to avoid cold damage.

Benefits of Rabbit’s Foot Fern in the Office

Enhances Air Quality

The Rabbit’s Foot Fern acts as a natural air purifier, making it ideal for office settings where air quality can often be compromised by various pollutants.

Visual and Psychological Benefits

With its unique appearance and lush greenery, it enhances the office decor and offers psychological benefits by reducing stress and promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

Easy to Integrate

Due to its undemanding nature in terms of light and care, it is easy to integrate into various office spaces without requiring extensive plant care knowledge.

Common Issues and Solutions

Pest Control

This fern can attract pests like aphids and mealybugs. Regular inspections and treatments with Neem oil can help keep these pests at bay.

Watering Issues

Balancing the moisture levels is crucial—overwatering can lead to root rot, while underwatering can dry out the fronds. Adjust watering according to the season and indoor conditions.

Environmental Stress

Avoid placing the fern in direct sunlight or cold drafts. Ensuring the right environmental conditions will prevent stress and promote healthy growth.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Cultural Relevance

In its native habitat and among various cultures, the Rabbit’s Foot Fern is often seen as a symbol of luck, much like a rabbit’s foot in Western traditions.

Decorative Versatility

Its unique growth pattern and intriguing rhizomes make it a standout decorative piece, suitable for hanging baskets or elevated plant stands to showcase its beauty.

Discover the enchanting Rabbit's Foot Fern, a perfect addition for purifying office air and enhancing decor. Contact Aztec Plants for expert plant hire services.


The Rabbit’s Foot Fern, with its unique, fur-like rhizomes and lush green fronds, not only brings a touch of whimsy but also contributes to a healthier and more serene environment. Whether you’re looking to enhance your office space or bring a bit of nature’s calm into your home, this fern is an excellent choice. Interested in adding the Rabbit’s Foot Fern to your indoor space? Contact Aztec Plants today for expert plant hire services and let us help you enrich your environment with this enchanting plant.

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