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Hotel Indigo Case Study

Case Study Details:

Client: Hotel Indigo

Product: Plant Displays

Industry: Hospitality

County Contractors were working on this important hotel project as part of IHGs continual investment and expansion of the Hotel Indigo brand. The usual constraints of working in an urban area applied, with this terraced building being not far from Earls Court.

What We Did

We followed the architect’s solution to mount planters onto the front railings of the hotel, enabling plant displays on otherwise unused space. We also sourced bespoke planters to fit on small ledges, helping to maximize the amount of foliage on display at the front of the hotel and help set it apart from its neighbours.


The hotel opened in May 2012 and have proved a massive success. The hotel now has further branches planned for elsewhere in the UK, and is well on its way to becoming an established brand nationwide. The atmosphere and style of the hotel was paramount to its success, and reviews online would suggest this has been achieved.


Plants within commercial environments are known to influence an increase in consumer spend. They also reduce stress levels which is an important advantage for business clients. Within a hotel environment, plants add value to the overall experience enjoyed by the customer, and justifies a strong price point.

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