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How Floral Arrangements Can Entice New Customers

Flowers for waiting rooms

We have all encountered a strange situation like this at some point. Where you are sat in a reception area of somewhere that you may be buying a product or service from and it’s just a bit, well, dull. The chair is stiff and uncomfortable, you feel a bit boxed in by the boring walls, there’s no music playing and not one ounce of personality surrounds you. You’re beginning to think whether this reflects the company of a whole, do you really want to be buying from someone who makes you feel like you’re in a prison?!

First impressions really are everything and if you’re a company who deals face to face with clients and customers on a regular basis, you’re reception area as well as the rest of the space your potentials come into contact with must be as welcoming as you can make it. Whether you’re a salon, a dentist, hotel chain owner or an accountant, everyone wants to feel welcome when they step into your place of business. 

It’s typical that we tend to ‘dress to impress’ when meeting our customers, but shouldn’t that be reflected in our surroundings also? But how would we dress our environment to entice those new customers in? Is there something more that we can do than some cool music, a ping-pong table and some funky furniture?

Flowers. Here’s how…

Mood Booster

Flowers and any plant for that matter are an instant mood booster for anyone that comes into contact with them. They are well known to increase productivity levels in each office as they clean the air and have many wellbeing benefits as we discussed in this previous post. With your staff being more productive and generally happier, this could have a knock-on effect for when they are dealing with potential clients and hopefully result in even more business.

Looking Good

In a world that’s full of people looking for things that are ‘Instagrammable’, the new nation of happy snappers have led to companies honing in on their workplace design so that their potential customers will remember them and maybe shout them out on social media for looking so good. Floral arrangements can definitely help create an office design that your customers will remember. Whether it’s a flower wall with your branding on it or a stunning, unique arrangement in a meeting room, it certainly shows that you take pride in your companies’ appearance and image.

Smelling Good

As well as floral arrangements that look pretty, if you opt for real, live plants, they’ll also make your office smell really good too. You can create various types of moods by choosing different arrangements and keep your air smelling fresh and clean for those walking into your space. 

Talking Point

By changing up your floral designs on a regular basis, you can keep those customers who keep on coming back on their toes by providing them with something new to look at. Often, after a while, we get used to our surroundings and this is why it is good to give things a refresh from time to time and this doesn’t have to stop when it comes to office plants. Make them as a statement or as different as you can for them to be brought up in conversation.

If you’re looking for new ways to spark interest in your customers, a new floral arrangement may be just the small change you need. Whether you’re looking for a large statement piece for in the centre of your welcome area, or smaller arrangements dotted about the building, we can help with our Flower Service. Designed to brighten up your staff and customers day, we can help you with all of your floral arrangement needs.

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