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Howden, Bedford, Case Study

Case Study Details

Client: Howden Insurance Brokers, Bedford

Product: Office plants, barrier plants, moss wall

Industry: Insurance

Howden is a global insurance broker that operates in more than 90 countries around the world. They maintain a large office in Bedford, where they occupy a big, open-plan workspace for 200-250 people.

To enhance their work environment and promote a more comfortable and productive workplace, Howden partnered with Aztec Plants, a leading supplier of office plants.

Howden’s open-plan office posed a challenge in terms of creating separate areas within the workspace.

Additionally, the office space lacked a natural element, which is known to improve air quality, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce stress levels.

Aztec Plants provided Howden with a range of indoor plants (including Aglaonema), which were planted in large fiberglass planters. The planters acted as barriers and screening between different parts of the office, creating a natural division without blocking natural light or disrupting the open-plan design.

The plants not only added a touch of greenery to the space but also helped improve air quality by filtering out pollutants and increasing humidity levels.

Barrier planters

In addition to the planters, Aztec Plants also installed a large moss wall in the collaboration area.

The moss wall measures 3 by 9 meters and has sound-absorbing qualities, which helps reducing noise levels and creates a more peaceful environment.

The moss wall also became a popular feature of the office, helping to bring staff together in a share ideas.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Lodd.) Engl in London office.

The partnership between Howden and Aztec Plants has been a great success, providing a natural and sustainable solution to the challenges posed by an open-plan office space.

The use of indoor plants and living walls has improved the work environment, increased employee satisfaction, and created a more productive workspace.

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