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Indoor office plants and green solutions

Case Study Details

Client: Technology company in Harlow

Product: Barrier planters, living pictures, cabinet planters, furniture planters

Industry: Electronics

Aztec Plants recently collaborated with a leading electronics company based in Harlow, delivering a comprehensive range of living office plants and green solutions to enhance the atmosphere of this newly refurbished office.

The project encompassed various indoor potted plants and installations, tailored to suit the client’s open-plan office layout, promoting both productivity and wellbeing.

The office’s open-plan design benefitted from the installation of barrier planters, also known as desk-end planters.

These planters serve a dual purpose: they create a clear separation between rows of desks and the corridor, marking the boundaries of working spaces, and introducing greenery throughout the office.

This solution is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing natural partitions for employees.


Barrier planters

To further integrate nature into the office environment, Aztec Plants arranged 22 groups of succulents across various windowsills. These low-maintenance plants add an additional layer of greenery and visual interest, making efficient use of existing window space.

Maximising the use of wall space, Aztec Plants installed living pictures across corridors, introducing an innovative vertical gardening solution. These installations serve as living art pieces, contributing to a lively atmosphere.

Additionally, we have implemented specialised planters that double up as fire extinguisher cabinets, merging practicality of office facilities with botanical aesthetics.

In a large tiered seating area designed for conferences and presentations, Aztec Plants created a significant green installation, forming a barrier between the conference area and an adjacent breakout space. This installation not only separates these spaces effectively but also enhances acoustics, minimising echo and absorbing noise.

The breakout spaces themselves received additional plant installations, enhancing their relaxing ambiance. These plants provide employees with comfortable areas to unwind, fostering a balanced and stress-free work environment.

Living wall in office canteen

Aztec Plants’ collaboration with Harlow’s leading electronics company exemplifies the integration of greenery into modern office spaces.

Through various innovative solutions, including barrier planters, living pictures, and multi-functional planters, the office’s environment has been transformed into a vibrant, relaxing workspace, promoting both productivity and employee wellbeing.

This case study highlights the value of incorporating natural elements into corporate environments, demonstrating Aztec Plants’ expertise in crafting green solutions for contemporary offices.

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