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A Guide to Indoor Plants: Which are Right for You?

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Indoor plants can brighten up even the dullest office space with a burst of greenery. As well as decorating your building, indoor plants improve air quality and boost your employees’ productivity. There are endless types of plants that will thrive under office conditions, so often, the difficulty is knowing which species are suitable for you! Do you want flowers that’ll bloom, or would you prefer plenty of foliage and ample leaves to fill the room?

Which are right for you and your building?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there isn’t cause to panic. Here is a guide to indoor plants, covering where each plant type is best suited and their individual needs.

A Low Light Office

That’s right! Even though your rooms aren’t open plan with plenty of windows, you can still keep happy and healthy indoor plants. There are plant species that thrive in low light conditions, and these will be perfect for you if your office is dark.

A Weeping Fig Tree

Though the name sounds rather sad, a weeping fig tree will bring life to the darkest corner. Your weeping fig tree only requires a little warmth and regular watering, and you should be good to go! Your fig tree should reach about 8ft at the full size, compared to the massive 100ft that the plant can get outdoors. Though it survives dark conditions, you can move this plant just about anywhere warm.

The Spruce Weeping Fig

A Peace Lily

Peace lilies are also known as closet plants. They beautifully handle dim conditions; their flowers will be slightly shyer with less sunlight. This particular plant is far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering, so hold back on the can! Minimal requirements for care and attention make the peace lily one of the most attractive indoor plants, while they’re ideal for improving air quality.

Peace Lily

A Small, Cramped Office

You might not have plenty of spare space, but you still want to liven it up with splashes of green! Small indoor plants will prove perfect for you and fit on your desks with ease. You won’t need a ton of room on the floor to incorporate nature into your office design with these species!


A Cactus

Cacti are a sensible route to go down. They can massively range in size, so you’re guaranteed to find one that is suited to your desk, and the upkeep is easy. You’ll only have to water these little fellas once a week in the heights of summer and around once a month during winter! Just make sure they’re getting plenty of light because sunlight is key to their survival.


A Jade Plant

Your jade plant doesn’t need much to survive, so they can sit anywhere in your office that you have space! Medium-light levels for a few hours every day will keep this one alive, and the soil of your plant should completely dry before you water it again so you won’t need the can often. Slow to grow, you won’t need to trim your jade plant often either, so it’s unlikely to spill out of its pot!

Jade Plant


A Big, Bright Office

The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking plants for a large and bright office space. You could house most plant species here, but larger plants will fill the room and command attention to the beauty of nature. Why stick with desk plants when you could go so much bigger?


A Living Wall

Forget one species of indoor plant. Why not have whole indoor living walls? A living wall is essentially one large bouquet of a few plant species, mixed to make one beautiful wall-decorating canvas. What was once a plain, bare and white room now has an exclusive feature of forestry. Your living wall will brighten up your workspace, clean the air and act as a centrepiece to any room design. 

Living Wall

A Bamboo Palm

A bamboo palm kept indoors can grow between 4ft and 12ft tall, making it an excellent feature for a large office corner. While it requires a fair amount of space, the bamboo palm isn’t needy and can thrive in medium light conditions. Temperature, however, is a more significant factor in keeping the bamboo palm pleased, so you’re better off keeping it in busy rooms with higher humidity.

The Conclusion

There are indoor plants to suit every style, shape and size of your office. If you’re still unsure which species of indoor plant will best suit your needs, contact us for friendly advice at Aztec Plants.

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