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Elevating Hotel’s Ambiance with Aztec Living Plants Hire Service

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The difference between an ordinary hotel stay and an unforgettable experience often lies in the details. One that can make a significant impact is the presence of living plants.

Aztec Plants, a leading provider of living plant hire services, understands the power of greenery in transforming hotel spaces into lush, inviting environment that leave a lasting impression on guests.

Explore, how Aztec’s living plant services can elevate the quality and ambiance of hotels, ultimately enhancing customer acquisition and retention.

Quality and Distinction

When it comes to demonstrating quality in the hotel industry, attention to detail is paramount. Aztec Plants recognises that living plants are a distinguishing factor that sets high-end hotels apart from budget accommodations. While budget hotels may opt for artificial or no greenery at all, middle and upper-range hotels understand the value of adorning their spaces with living plants.

From the moment a guest steps into the hotel’s entrance, they are greeted by the refreshing presence of living, green plants. The reception area, halls, restaurants, bars, corridors, and even SPAs and swimming pools all benefit from the natural beauty of carefully selected plants. These living elements create a sense of luxury and attention to detail that guests appreciate.

Aztec Plants collaborates closely with hoteliers to curate plant installations that align with the hotel’s aesthetics and brand identity. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist design or a more classic feel, Aztec’s experts can tailor the plant selection to suit the hotel’s ambiance perfectly.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Creating a pleasant environment for guests is not only about aesthetics; it’s also a powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention. The ambiance that living plants create can significantly influence a guest’s decision to choose a particular hotel and, more importantly, to return in the future.

Carefully selected plants have significant impact on the space. The air is fresher, the atmosphere more relaxing, and the entire experience feels rejuvenating. This positive first impression not only makes it more likely for guests to choose the hotel initially but also encourages them to return for future stays. In a world where guest written and photographic reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are crucial, this can make all the difference.

Aztec Plants provides ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the greenery remains vibrant and healthy throughout a guest’s stay, contributing to a consistently pleasant environment that guests will remember.

Aztec Plants worked with Citizen M hotel in London on an ambitious landscaping project, consisting of plants of up to six meters high placed in an internal courtyard. The largest trees were hoisted into position by a crane, up and over the five storey building. Read the case study.

Creating Focal Points and Selfie Spots

In the age of social media, every hotel should strive to create unique and Instagram-worthy moments for their guests. Aztec Plants’ living plant installations can be strategically positioned to serve as focal points or even dedicated selfie spots. These areas not only enhance the guest experience but also encourage guests to share their experiences on social media, effectively becoming brand ambassadors for the hotel.

A good example is a living plant wall that can be placed in hotel’s lobby, a lush green oasis in the restaurant, or a cascading plant arrangement in the bar area. These eye-catching features not only provide a beautiful backdrop for photos but also become memorable symbols of the hotel’s commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction.

In conclusion, Aztec Plants’ living plant hire services offer hotels and hotel chains a unique opportunity to elevate their ambiance, demonstrate quality, and enhance customer acquisition and retention.

By incorporating living plants into their spaces, hotels can create a warm, inviting environment that leaves a lasting impression on guests and sets them apart in a competitive market. Additionally, the potential for creating memorable focal points and selfie spots adds a modern touch that resonates with today’s tech-savvy travellers.

When it comes to enhancing your hotel’s image and guest experience, Aztec Plants has the green solutions you need.

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