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Mental Health Awareness – How Plants Can Affect It.

plants affect mental health

Why we think that plants are great for improving your mental health!

With stressful and busy lives, the occurrence of mental health issues seems to be on the rise. Whether it is depression, anxiety or perhaps stress, all of these things can have a huge impact on our everyday lives, including those that are close to us.

But what can we do to improve our own mental health and wellbeing? We believe that the answers could be in plants.  May sound a little strange, but let’s go through the reasons why plants can be really great for improving mental health.

They make your environment look and feel great

Sitting in a sterile environment, whether that is at work or at home can make you feel a little less than great. Plants add a brilliant touch of colour, which means that the environment you find yourself in looks a little bit more appealing.

Not only this, but as the majority of plants are largely green, which is a calming colour, you will increase your feel-good in no time at all.

Helping them to grow gives you a sense of purpose

Sometimes, when you feel down, you can see yourself as having no purpose, as not bringing anything to the world around you. This is particularly true for those that are suffering with depression. It may sound simple, but growing plants gives you a sense of purpose, a responsibility. Something to think about other than how you feel.

Seeing them grow is really rewarding

As your plants grow, all thanks to you, you are definitely going to feel a sense of achievement at what you have managed to do. You will also have a sense of anticipation about what the plant or the flowers may look like, especially if it is one that you haven’t grown before.

We all want to improve our mental health, and sometimes it can be as simple as just adding a few plants into our home or office environment.

Want to try this for yourself? Why not create yourself a herb garden, or simply treat yourself to a potted plant to take to work? Both of these things will have you feeling great in no time at all.

Such is the power of plants!

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