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Mental Health In The Workplace – How Can Plants Help?

Mental health awareness

According to the ACAS website, 1 in 4 of us will have mental health issues at some point in our lives. This can come in a variety of forms, and in the most part will have an impact on our personal lives, as well as work. Causes are varied and can include family tragedies, the breakdown of relationships, financial and physical

In fact, it is thought that mental health issues cost employers somewhere in the region of £30 billion each and every year. This comes in the form of lost production or delayed completion of projects as well as recruitment and absence.

So, why aren’t more businesses doing something about it?

The likelihood is that they simply do not know how to improve the mental health of their employees, or think that putting things in place will be difficult, time consuming and expensive.

The truth is, that this isn’t the case. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that something as simple as plants can have a big impact on your employees. But how?

It makes them feel good about being there

Chances are that your staff spend a large proportion of their time in company premises. If this a barren and uninviting space, then they are much more likely to feel down during the day. Placing a few plants around their working space is a proven way to make sure that they feel better during their working hours.

It gives a sense of success

Correctly chosen, the plants can look expensive, they are also a sign of a celebration. Having them in your business premises is likely to make your staff feel that they have something to celebrate, that you, as a business is thriving. There is nothing more motivating and uplifting then knowing that all the hard work that you have put into a project has paid off.

It pumps more oxygen around

We all know that plants are responsible for pumping more oxygen into the air, as well as removing anything that is harmful. What we may not is that this is a great boost to our brains, and a happy brain is one that is much less likely to show signs of mental illness.

Are you finding that there is an increase of mental health issues in your workplace? Want to see what you can do improve this? Why not try plants out before anything else? You may find that they are just enough to get everyone feeling good, and ready to face a day at work! The choice of plants may seem overawing, but Aztec Plants with their many years of experience in this field are happy to give advice, to install, to maintain and assist an employer in achieving a welcoming happy workplace. Call us on 01553 617060 today!

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