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Office Plant Hire in Cambridge: Introducing Nature to Sanofi Workspace

Case Study Details

Client: Sanofi, Cambridge

Product: Living wall, Furniture Plants, Living Pictures

Industry: Pharmaceutical company

Sanofi, a leading pharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, recently underwent an office expansion and refurbishment. The workspace accommodates around 150 employees across two floors.

As part of the renovation, Sanofi aimed to create a space that brought the outside environment indoors, promoting a sense of well-being and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. 

Office plant hire service by Aztec Plants played a crucial role in providing innovative solutions to incorporate greenery within the Sanofi’s workspace.

To bring a natural touch to Sanofi’s office space, an interior designer was engaged to create a visually appealing and functional environment. The designer focused on the concept of “bringing the outside in”, utilising various plant installations to foster a connection with nature.

The key elements of this design approach included a living wall in the breakout area, potted plants placed throughout the office, plants fitted within the office furniture, and living pictures in the well-being room.

A wide variety of plants were hired to Sanofi Cambridge office, including chlorophytum, platycerium, dracaena trifasciata, maranta, epipremnum aureum and aglaonema.

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One of the challenges faced during the design process was incorporating plants into the furniture without causing damage. It is a popular trend to integrate plants into furniture, but ensuring their longevity and preventing leakage or damage brings a considerable challenge.

Aztec Plants took on the challenge of creating bespoke liners (inserts), to integrate plants into furniture seamlessly. These liners were designed to be watertight and capable of supporting plant growth while protecting the furniture from potential damage. By working closely with the interior designer, Aztec Plants developed a range of custom planters that fit seamlessly within the office furniture, complementing the overall design aesthetic.

Discover Aztec Plants – Your go-to for office plant hire, maintenance, and bespoke plant solutions in the UK. Enhance your workspace today.

Recognising the importance of employee well-being, Sanofi dedicated a room for relaxation and rejuvenation. Aztec Plants contributed to this initiative by introducing “living pictures”, special planters placed on the walls that resembled living pieces of art. These planters added a touch of nature to the well-being room, creating a tranquil atmosphere and contributing to the overall ambiance.

The collaboration between Sanofi and Aztec Plants showcases the successful integration of nature into office spaces, fostering a more pleasant and productive working environment.

Through the placement of living wall, potted plants, and living pictures, Sanofi’s office now combines the benefits of biophilic design with modern aesthetics. By creating an office space that “brings the outside in”, Sanofi has demonstrated its commitment to employee well-being and environmental sustainability.

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