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Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Rainforest Lily – a Tropical Evergreen

Commonly known as Peace lily, its scientific name derives from Greek words spatha, meaning sword, and phillon – leaves, referring to the sword-like ribs on the leaves. 

Native to Central and South America (from Mexico to Peru and Brazil), and South-Eastern Asia (from Philippines to New Guinea), Peace lily grows at the lowermost level of the rainforest and can often be found near streams and rivers. 

Great Feature of the Office Desks

Peace lily absorbs air pollutants but it does require large amount of water and good natural light to survive. It requires experience to know how to maintain it as it wouldn’t tolerate certain conditions like hot or cold drafts. 

When planted in containers, peace lily doesn’t grow very tall and will reach about 40 centimetres, so can be placed on office and reception desks. Peace lilies are grown for their beautiful ornamental properties, mainly shiny leaves, and impressive white flowers. 

Aztec Experience with Spathiphyllum

Peace lily combines the lively looks of evergreen with the charm of a bouquet and is often placed in representative parts of the office, such as the front desk, reception, visitor areas, meeting rooms, etc. We offer our customers a range of planters that enhance the look of peace lilies, for example ceramic, stone, stainless steel and coloured fibreglass.

Peace Lily Key Characteristics for Office




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