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Premium Artificial Plant Solutions for citizenM Hotels

Case Study Details

Client: citizenM hotels, Europe

Product: Hotel lobby decor

Industry: Hospitality

citizenM, an esteemed international chain of hotels located in capital cities worldwide, sought to enhance the ambiance of their hotel lobbies. Their partnership with Aztec Plants, a leading expert in living plant solutions, marked a strategic move to infuse nature-inspired elements into their modern hotel spaces.

citizenM‘s hotel lobby spaces posed a unique challenge due to difficult access to lobby furniture, making it impractical for live plants. The goal was to introduce greenery and a natural aesthetic without compromising safety or requiring extensive maintenance. Specifically, the requirement for fire-retardant, high-quality artificial plants demanded professional sourcing and installation.

Recognising the intricacies of the hotel lobby environments, Aztec Plants proposed a bespoke solution leveraging high-quality artificial plants. The team meticulously curated artificial plant selections that met stringent criteria, ensuring fire-retardancy and premium materials. This approach allowed for seamless integration of greenery despite the challenging access to lobby furniture.

Aztec Plants’ expertise in sourcing premium, fire-retardant artificial plants proved instrumental in transforming the hotel lobbies. Our technicians selected and installed the plants, ensuring they adhered to safety standards while upholding the desired aesthetic.

Following the success at citizenM London, Aztec Plants’ exceptional performance led to subsequent projects at citizenM Paris in France and, most recently, at citizenM Rome in Italy. Despite differing locations, each project was executed flawlessly, showcasing Aztec Plants’ commitment to delivering consistent, high-quality solutions across borders.

Citizen M hotel in Paris

The installation of high-quality artificial plants in citizenM hotel lobbies not only met the safety requirements but also elevated the overall ambiance. The spaces exuded a vibrant, natural atmosphere that resonated with guests, enhancing their hotel experience.

Aztec Plants’ ability to deliver on-site projects in different countries underscored their flexibility and dedication to maintaining strong client relationships.

Citizen M hotel in Paris

Aztec Plants’ specialisation in the hospitality industry and their adeptness in providing tailored solutions for challenging environments have positioned them as a trusted partner for renowned hotel chains like citizenM.

Aztec Plants’ ability to deliver premium artificial plant installations while maintaining safety standards and aesthetic appeal underscores the commitment to excellence.

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