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Real or Fake? Which Is Best For Your Office?

Real of Fake Plants?

There are so many benefits that adding real plants into your office design can bring, but often, they may not be the most practical decorating route for you to go down. Whether you have a huge multi-level office building or a smaller office space for your team of four, the addition of plants often gives it that finishing touch. They can brighten up a room, making it feel cosier and can have multiple health benefits with their amazing air-purifying capabilities, but which type of plants do you go for?

When it comes to choosing your office plants, the first question to ask yourself is are they going to be real plants or artificial? There are a few factors that need to come into consideration when it comes to making this decision including the budget you have, your current office design and the level of maintenance that they’ll require. It can often be difficult to choose which avenue of plants you’d prefer, so here we’ll discuss the benefits of both to help make your decision easier. 

Real Office Plants

A huge benefit of having real plants in your office would be the health benefits that they can bring to you and your employees and/or colleagues. There have been multiple studies that have shown the positive benefits that live plants can bring, making us feel less stressed but in fact more productive and relaxed. They are known to clean the air, ridding it of any toxins and pollutants so that we can breathe easier and better quality air as they aid with humidity levels.

By cleaning out the air and improving the quality of the office surroundings, it is more than likely this can improve staff performance levels also. The better quality of air will help to reduce levels of and prevent the likes of fatigue and headaches that can often come on due to the working environment. This may mean a reduction in staff taking leave for illness, which essentially makes your workforce more productive.

Artificial Office Plants

The main reason that companies often go for artificial plants in their office is that they require minimal maintenance and care from yourself. You don’t need to plan a watering rota of which office staff is on gardening duty that week, you simply need to remember to give it a little dust now and then to make sure they still look good. Due to this, you may find that artificial plants will last longer, meaning you won’t need to replace them as often as you’re not at risk of them ‘dying’. This also means that you will not have to replace them as often which can save you money in the long run.

Regardless of what type you would prefer, there are many advantages to having some form of your plants in your office space from being aesthetically pleasing to boosting the morale of your staff. If you need some assistance with choosing the right office plants, we can help you and provide you with advice. Get in touch with us to discuss the choices you have when it comes to indoor office plants, call us today on 01553 617060.

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