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Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

Sturdy African Grass

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) is native to tropical areas of South Africa and has been introduced to the western world by a Swedish naturalist in the XVIII century. Today, it is a popular ornamental plant grown in houses and various other institutions, such as offices, schools, shops, churches, etc.

The plant is often placed in hanging baskets, which provides space for the long stems and new shoots (plantlets), which over time create beautiful tiers the plant is known for.

Air-filtering and Resilient

Spider Plant is not difficult to grow and thrives in moderate sun but would also tolerate shade. It can withstand prolong draughts, as it maintains moisture in its tubular roots. Spider Plant has great indoor air-purifying qualities, hence why it is often grown in offices and houses.

Aztec Experience with Chlorophytum

Spider Plant is making a big come back to our clients’ spaces. Facilities Managers value the plant for their resilience and air-filtering. It tolerates wide range of conditions, including temperatures, drafts, low light, and watering. Well established plant will grow to about 45cm tall and wide.

Spider Plant Key Characteristics for Office



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