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Indoor Plant Benefits

Indoor plants aren’t there just to make your space look pretty, they actually have several health benefits that can be of a real benefit to your employees and visiting clients. They may have been in and out of the trend books for years gone past, but the benefits of having indoor plants could just be enough to make you consider them as a necessity in the workspace. They can sit alongside your furniture to create a welcoming, clean and pleasant place to be in.

The idea of indoor plants goes way beyond interior landscaping. Yes, they do look attractive and can really help to change the aesthetic of your workspace but research proves that greenery can benefit your business in more ways than just the obvious. They work to provide a calming environment for everyone included and here’s how they do it:

Air Quality

Often, with offices that have a lot of people or that have a small space to work within, the air quality can regularly become fairly bad. Whether windows aren’t utilised enough, or the heating causes it to feel ‘stuffy’, it can often bring on a lot of stress, tension and sometimes arguments at work. However, plants can really help to work towards cleaning up the quality of your air by doing the following:

  • Reduce airborne dust
  • Keep the air temperature down
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide levels
  • Reduce pollutant levels

Stress & Well-Being

There is something about nature that has a real calming effect on us all. Often when we’re stressed at home, we may choose to go for a walk to get some fresh air and be amongst the trees but this isn’t as simple when you are at work. There has been more and more research that has come to light showing how including indoor plants in your office design can drastically improve the wellbeing of your employees. Research has concluded that employees have become more productive within their work, get sick less often and overall feel more happy at work.

Easy Breathing

As we all know, when we breathe we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and plants do the exact opposite during photosynthesis. By having this complete opposite pattern of gas use makes indoor plants and your employees a dream team. Having these plants in your office and/or workspace can help vastly increase the levels of oxygen, making it seem much easier for your staff to breathe. This alongside the air quality benefits we discussed early really helps to make the perfect air for your staff to work in.

Mental Health

Improving mental health within the workplace has been climbing higher and higher in the list of employer priorities over the past few years and rightly so. There have been studies that have shown how having indoor plants and colourful flowers in the room we are in can lead to increased levels of positivity that make us feel more secure and relaxed. The notion of caring for a living thing gives someone a purpose so plants have also been known to aid with loneliness and depression, with looking after something often being rewarding.

Whether you’re looking for some large, statement indoor plants or smaller detailing ones for your workspace, get in touch to see how we can help today. We can help you create a new feel to your workspace through the addition of greenery, helping you to create a relaxing, yet productive environment for your staff.

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