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Transformation of RAND Europe’s Office Space with Innovative Plant Designs

Case Study Details

Client: RAND Europe, Cambridge

Product: Office plants

Industry: Research and analysis

RAND Europe, a not-for-profit research institute based in Cambridge, recently embarked on a mission to revamp its office space to create a more inviting, collaborative, and aesthetically pleasing environment for its team of researchers and staff.

To accomplish this transformation, Aztec Plants collaborated with Workplace Consultants, a leading interior design firm, and Habit Action, an experienced fitout contractor.

The project encompassed a 15,000 sqft office space, requiring a comprehensive approach to create a harmonious and invigorating workspace.

Aztec Plants introduced innovative plant designs as the central theme of the project. The highlight of the design was the integration of plant containers into the office raised floor, creating a unique atmosphere where it seemed as though plants were organically growing from the floor.

One of the primary challenges we faced was the shallow planting depth within the raised floor. To ensure the plants thrived, we designed bespoke containers that were not only sturdy but also leak-resistant, preventing any potential damage to the office space.

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We have also developed custom and lightweight hanging artificial plants installations, designed to seamlessly fit into the existing light fixtures. These installations not only added a touch of greenery but also contributed to sound absorption, enhancing the office’s acoustic environment.

To complete the overall design, we incorporated standing planters, providing a contemporary and visually pleasing contrast to the raised floor installations. These planters complemented the overall aesthetic while offering a functional space for additional greenery.

Discover Aztec Plants – Your go-to for office plant hire, maintenance, and bespoke plant solutions in the UK. Enhance your workspace today.

The collaboration between Aztec Plants, Workplace Consultants, and Habit Action led to the successful transformation of RAND Europe’s office space. The integration of innovative plant designs within the raised floor, bespoke hanging artificial plants, and contemporary standing planters yielded a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The office space now boasts a striking visual appeal, characterised by a seamless integration of greenery and modern design elements.

  • Improved Acoustics: The hanging artificial plants introduced by Aztec Plants not only added to the visual appeal but also contributed to a quieter and more productive workspace through sound absorption.

  • Unique Atmosphere: The unique feeling of plants growing from the floor level creates an inspiring and inviting atmosphere, encouraging collaboration and creativity among RAND Europe’s team.

  • Sturdy and Leak-Resistant Solutions: Aztec Plants’ commitment to designing robust and leak-resistant plant containers ensured the longevity of the greenery and safeguarded the office environment from potential damage.

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