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VetCT, Cambridge

Case Study Details

Client: VetCT, Cambridge

Product: Office and breakout area plants in ceramic planters

Industry: Veterinary teleradiology and teleconsulting

VetCT are global veterinary teleradiology and teleconsulting specialists. Based in Cambridge, VetCT occupies modern, upmarket office.

The company partnered with Aztec Plants to further enhance the looks of their workplace.

Working together with the client, Aztec decided to use ceramic planters and specimen plants, creating impressive features throughout the office space.

Ceramic planters are specifically well suited for less busy spaces, with a smaller footfall, though they can be used both indoor and outdoor.

before image, no plants after image, with plants supplied by Aztec Plants

What We Did

The design of each ceramic planter is individual, as they are handmade and offer luxurious finish.

Plants used in the VetCT office are Zamioculcas, Ficus cyathistipula, Howea forsteriana, Strelitzia nicolai, Aglaonema and Ficus Amstel King.

VetCT, Cambridge

At VetCT Cambridge office, we have used a number of individual ceramic planters. Careful thought has been put into which planter to use in each area.

The planters have been placed in boardroom, workspace, breakout area and reception. Each one is unique, to compliment the stylish décor of this contemporary office.

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