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Weatherbys, London

Case Study Details

Client: Weatherbys, London

Product: Office and breakout area plants

Industry: Private banking

Aztec Plants, a specialist in providing living plants for offices, recently worked with Weatherbys to source and plant a variety of plants in their corporate space.

Weatherbys Private Bank provides banking services to private individuals – current accounts, deposit accounts, lending and foreign exchange.

In the breakout area of the office, Aztec provided a range of plants that added a touch of greenery and helped to create a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. 

We also included hanging plants, which added a vertical element to the space and helped to break up the view of upper walls and ceiling.

Hanging planters at Weatherbys include Epipremnum Aurea (Devil’s Ivy), Cissus (Grape Ivy) and Platycerium (Staghorn Fern).

before image, no plants after image, with plants supplied by Aztec Plants

What We Did

In addition to the hanging plants, Aztec also provided bonsai and cabinet top planters for Weatherbys. 

The bonsai plants added a sense of exclusivity to the office, making a statement about the company’s attention to detail and desire for unique, high-quality elements. 

The cabinet top planters added greenery to otherwise barren surfaces and helped to bring a bit of nature into the office environment.

Weatherbys, London

Overall, the plants provided by Aztec Plants helped to reflect the company brand and create a more enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere for Weatherbys employees. 

The addition of living plants has been shown to have numerous benefits, including improving air quality, reducing stress, and increasing productivity.

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