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Outdoor living space

Outside of architects, and developers probably not many will have heard of a green roof.  Sometimes known as a living roof it occurs in buildings where the roof space is partially or completely covered with vegetation. This is usually in the form of attractive live plants and shrubs. This vegetation is planted over a waterproofing membrane, but it could also include layers such as a root barrier or a drainage or irrigation system.

There are a whole host of benefits to having a green roof on top of a commercial building. This blog post summarises all the benefits of a green roof for the business, for the building and for the environment.

Benefits for everyone

So, what benefits are there to having a green roof for those who live in the local area?

Improves the look and feel of the area

There is nothing more beautiful than a lush patch of green, especially in the middle of a built up city centre. This is where judicious and planned planting will help. It is known to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to make the area around the building look beautiful and encourage more people to move into the area. The link to human behaviour and their living or working environment is well documented elsewhere. Aztec Plants are often called upon to design and install a complete green roof, often in the most confined of conditions, but it’s what we do. And we are good at it.

Encourages the use of recycled materials

Many green roofs are made with fully recycled materials, which as we all know are vital for our environment. This reduces the amount that ends up in landfill, which is a huge issue up and down the country.

Stormwater Management

Green roofs are a fantastic system when it comes to using storm water. Storm water is stored up by the substrate and is taken up by the plants and returned into the environment. They also control the amount of runoff which decreases the amount of stress placed on the sewer systems.

Improves the air quality

It is no secret that plants are responsible for providing us with clean and fresh air to breathe. Therefore, it makes sense that the plants found on green roofs will help to ensure that the air in that part of the city is of the highest quality. Those plants chosen by architects, or recommended by specialists like Aztec are a major contributor to this.

A community space

A green roof has a whole host of benefits for the wider community. They are often used as a community space, perhaps for local food production, or as a commercial space such as a restaurant. They are ideal staff recreational spaces for companies,  some of which are even in use as a rooftop bowling green!

Benefits for the business


Green roofs can provide your building with greater levels of insulation, especially on the roof which can lose heat quickly. This will reduce the amount of energy that you use by moderating the temperature of a building.

Fire retardant

When compared to conventional roofs, it is proven that a green roof has a much lower burning heat load. This means that green roofs are more fire retardant and could even help to save lives in the case of a fire.

If your business operates with a roof space, why not install plants and shrubs and see how it can help you, the community and the environment? Call Aztec – we are the specialists and are here to help

Staff morale

The green roof has been described as an area of green amidst a concrete jungle. An area where staff can relax apart from the office and work environment.  It’s a morale boost to office workers, and Aztec are pleased to be at the forefront of this type of development.

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