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Enhancing Workplace Productivity with Biophilic Design

Professional plant rental service by Aztec for businesses.

The Intersection of Biophilia, Wellbeing, and Productivity in Workplace Design

The contemporary workplace is evolving, with a growing emphasis on employee wellbeing and productivity. At Aztec Plants, we recognise and support the vital role of biophilic design in transforming work environments. Over the years, we provided a range of biophilic solutions to our clients.  

This article draws on the recent findings of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) report “30 years back, 3 trends for the future”, which has outlined critical metrics and design elements for enhancing workplace productivity.

Biophilia: The Heart of Modern Workplace Design

Biophilic design integrates elements of nature into the workplace to create a more vibrant and engaging environment. The IWFM report underscores the significance of biophilia, including views, plants, natural features like water, and landscaping, in fostering a productive and healthy workplace.

This approach resonates deeply with Aztec Plants’ mission of bringing living plants and natural beauty into workspaces. Biophilic elements span across multiple design features and not all can be achieved in every setting. Living plants are one of the easier to incorporate design elements that boost mood and focus among employees.

Read our case study on biophilic design in RAND office.

Wellbeing: A Pillar of Employee Satisfaction and Efficiency

Wellbeing in the workplace is directly linked to productivity. The IWFM report highlights improved health and wellbeing as one of the five key performance metrics for productivity.

Incorporating biophilic elements like plants and natural lighting can significantly enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. Well-designed space with biophilic elements can reduce absenteeism, staff attrition, and foster a more attractive work environment.

Find out how we helped Sanofi with their aim to improve staff wellbeing by introducing a wellbeing room in the workplace.

Professional plant rental service by Aztec for businesses.

Productivity: Reaping the Benefits of Thoughtful Workplace Design

In the realm of workplace design, the term ‘productivity’ encompasses much more than mere output. It’s about creating an environment that not only fosters efficiency but also nurtures the wellbeing of those within it.

The IWFM report illuminates this concept, highlighting how biophilic design is pivotal in enhancing workplace productivity. At Aztec Plants, with our expertise in integrating natural elements into workspaces, we are at the forefront of this movement.

The connection between nature and productivity is more than anecdotal. Studies have consistently shown that workspaces enriched with elements of nature, such as plants and natural views, significantly boost task performance. This is where Aztec Plants’ offerings become instrumental. By introducing living plants and green vistas into work environments, we help in reducing the psychological barriers to productivity, such as stress and mental fatigue.

Meeting IWFM's Design Elements

The IWFM report lists critical workplace design elements that influence productivity. Let’s explore how biophilic design intersects with these:

  1. Ventilation and Lighting: Plants play a vital role in purifying air and improving air quality, which is crucial for good ventilation. Natural lighting, augmented by the presence of plants, can reduce eye strain and increase energy levels.

  2. Acoustics: Plants are natural sound absorbers. Strategic placement of plants can significantly reduce office noise levels, leading to a more focused and less distracting work environment.

  3. Space and Layout: Integrating plants and natural features in office layouts can break the monotony of traditional office designs, creating more inviting and stimulating spaces.

  4. Temperature: Plants can help regulate humidity and temperature, making the workplace more comfortable and reducing the reliance on artificial climate control systems.

  5. Ergonomics: While ergonomics typically refers to furniture and equipment design, the visual ergonomics of including greenery can reduce eye fatigue and enhance cognitive function.

  6. Biophilia: Central to this is the presence of natural elements – plants, water features, and natural light. Aztec Plants’ expertise lies in seamlessly integrating these elements into various workplace settings.

Explore our case studies showcasing the transformation of traditional office spaces into vibrant, productivity-enhancing environments.

The Future of Workspaces

In conclusion, biophilic design is not just a trend but a foundational element in creating workspaces that are conducive to productivity. As demonstrated by the IWFM report and evidenced by Aztec Plants’ projects, the integration of natural elements into the workplace leads to tangible improvements in employee efficiency, health, and overall wellbeing.

As we move towards more human-centric workplace designs, the role of biophilic elements will continue to gain prominence, solidifying the case for natural integration in offices of the future.

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