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5‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Design‌ ‌Trends‌ ‌for‌ ‌2019‌

office trends 2019 - green office

Offices don’t tend to change that often and it can be years in between a complete office overhaul. But we can change various aspects of our office design more regularly to keep up with trends that we see occurring, be it adding a few accessories here and there or changing up our furniture to give it a new feel.

Today, we’ve looked into some of the top office design trends that we’ve seen so far in 2019 that are being implemented by businesses everywhere. Some small changes, some not so much but all keeping up with an ever-changing landscape. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, or an online retailer, we’ve seen these changes across a whole range of companies.

All About Experience

We have seen more and more businesses create spaces that surround the idea that being in their office is an experience. Whether it’s to entice customers into thinking they’re a modern business or to ensure staff satisfaction, there are many ways companies are going about this. We have seen an increase in large, communal fully installed kitchens to promote healthy eating and cooking as well as social areas with playstations for employees to take a break. 

Going Green

We’re happy about this one! More and more offices are beginning to incorporate green living into their workspaces, for both aesthetic and health benefits so it seems. We’ve seen companies fill rooms with various indoor plants for cleaner air, create dining areas with fake grass and even have their logo against a huge moss wall to make their company really stand out. It’s been incredible to watch companies both adopt a green impact in their workplace – fake or not!

In With The Old & The New

Often companies move into buildings that have an older feel to them, maybe it’s exposed brickwork, steel piping or something else and we’ve seen them embrace this in terms of office design. Instead of building faux walls to cover up something slightly old fashioned, we’ve seen companies create a completely new juxtaposition of old design with modern accessories. The textures we’ve found in this mix of age design have been varied, from rough brickwork to smooth leather interiors, no stone is left unturned with this trend.

Natural Light 

Strong artificial lighting is known to put a damper on employees moods. It can often make them feel more stressed, experiencing more headaches from such a falsely bright environment. To counteract this, more and more companies are beginning to incorporate more natural light when designing their offices, creating full window walls where appropriate to really impact on the wellbeing of their employees. The wellbeing of employees is fast becoming the focus of many businesses’ and it’s great that this is transitioning into design elements too. 

Time To Relax

Employers understand the strains that their employees can often go through and this has brought on the new notion of relaxation spaces, an idea that definitely wasn’t in the front of everyone’s design mind a few decades ago. Whether it’s a couple of sofas completely away from their working spaces, or ‘Sleep Pods’ like global dominating fitness brand GymShark have implemented, employees are clearly becoming the centre of organisation focus. Looking after your employees means that they’ll look after your customers. 

Which trends will you be thinking of implementing within your next office design? Will you be looking into adding more relaxing spaces or vamping up the overall experience of your space? If you want the simple addition of going greener, we can help you! Check out our full range of interior and exterior services to see how we can help you add some nature into your office!

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