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Citizen M Case Study

Case Study Details:

Client: Citizen M

Product: Landscaping

Industry: Hospitality

Citizen M are a highly ambitious hotel chain that were looking to make an impact in the highly competitive London market. Describing themselves as a boutique hotel, with a strong focus on the international business community and what they describe as the “New Generation” of tourists.


Citizen M’s success has been in creating environments that people actually want to be in. Far from a generic business hotel, style and flair have been splashed liberally all over the hotel. One of their mottos is “The better the room, the better the meeting” – which we love. The plants supplied had to co-ordinate carefully with all aspects of the hotel’s design.
The date for the opening of the hotel was an ultimate deadline with no chance to complete the work after this date had passed. Access to site was also a consideration, as is often the case in central London. The size of the plants had to allow for growth but still fill an otherwise empty and ‘cold’ space.

What We Did

Working in partnership with Dutch Architects Concrete Architecture on the project, as well as Bowmer and Kirkland as Main Contractors, we proposed a solution that was very well received. We’d watched the project unfold through all of the planning stages and we took the time to absorb as much information as possible about what was needed from us.

Our proposal consisted of “Betula Utilis Jaquemontii“ up to 6m high in an internal courtyard on the ground and first floors. The largest trees were hoisted into position by a crane, up and over the 5 storey building and were planted in bespoke planters with incorporated bench. Smaller trees were also included and were planted in illuminated planters – excellent for long summer evenings. An artificial green wall was also created to hide the bland escape staircase that overlooked the courtyard. The plants merged seamlessly into the overall design, and served to compliment the high standards achieved by the designers on the project.
When it came to installation, the process was completed on time with the plants looking in prime condition for the all-important launch of the hotel in May 2012.


The hotel opened in May 2012 and have proved a massive success. The hotel now has further branches planned for elsewhere in the UK, and is well on its way to becoming an established brand nationwide. The atmosphere and style of the hotel was paramount to its success, and reviews online would suggest this has been achieved.


Plants within commercial environments are known to influence an increase in consumer spend. They also reduce stress levels which is an important advantage for business clients. Within a hotel environment, plants add value to the overall experience enjoyed by the customer, and justifies a strong price point. Citizen M enjoys rave reviews and is distinct from many of its peers by offering a modern, streamlined and yet compelling experience for its guests. This has led to many repeat bookings and fuelled further growth of the business, despite the economic downturn.

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