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Enhancing Office Aesthetics and Acoustics with Artificial Plants

Case Study Details

Client: Planet, London

Product: Office plants, artificial plants

Industry: IT

Planet, a software developer based in central London, sought to create a captivating office environment that included both elegance and functionality.

Recognising the impact of a well-designed workspace on employee productivity and well-being, Planet collaborated with Aztec Plants, a trusted supplier of office living plants.

This case study explores how Planet and Aztec Plants worked together to transform Planet’s 17,000 square foot office into a visually stunning and acoustically optimised space using a combination of living and artificial plants.

Planet envisioned an office that not only fostered creativity and collaboration but also reflected the company’s unique culture and design ethos. Their office, a trendy and design-led space, demanded a touch of nature to breathe life into the surroundings.

Recognising the positive impact of plants on workplace aesthetics and employee well-being, Planet sought to incorporate greenery as a focal point within their office.

Planet collaborated with Aztec Plants to design a distinctive bed of plants that would serve as a centerpiece for the space. The bed of plants encompassed a banquet sitting area and a bar area, creating an inviting space for employees to relax and engage in informal conversations. Aztec Plants played a pivotal role in developing a concept that perfectly aligned with Planet’s vision.

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Due to the office’s architectural constraints, access to natural light in the designated area was limited. Traditional living plants were not a feasible option since they require adequate sunlight. To address this challenge, Aztec Plants and Planet made a decision to incorporate artificial plants into the design.

The choice of artificial plants offered several advantages. Firstly, their lightweight nature ensured that the existing wall structure could support the plants without compromising safety or stability. Additionally, artificial plants require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for regular watering and plant care. Given the difficulty in accessing the designated area, this low-maintenance solution proved to be practical and efficient for Planet.

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In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the artificial plants served another essential purpose in Planet’s office. The large open space within the designated area had a tendency to generate excessive echoes, leading to reduced sound quality and potential disturbances. The presence of the artificial plants helped absorb and diffuse sound waves, effectively reducing echo and improving acoustic conditions within the space.

The collaboration between Planet and Aztec Plants resulted in the successful transformation of Planet’s central London office into a visually captivating and acoustically optimised workspace. By leveraging the expertise of Aztec Plants and the versatility of artificial plants, Planet overcame the challenges posed by limited access to natural light and weight restrictions within the designated area.

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