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Artificial Vs Real Indoor Plants

A splash of green can liven any room up, so we needn’t explain the benefits of indoor plants. But perhaps you’re wondering, ‘do my plants need to be alive?’. Maybe you’re self-declared anti-green fingers, and you can’t help a cactus survive! There are both artificial and natural options for plants in the office. No matter your experience, Aztec Plants can help you discover the greenery that’ll suit you.

Both fake and real plants have unique benefits and drawbacks. Here is everything you need to consider when you’re pondering artificial vs real indoor plants.

The Benefits Of Real Plants

Sometimes traditional can be the best way to go, which can undoubtedly be the case with plants. Natural plants connect you to nature, and they offer unique benefits to your office space!

You’ll Breathe Cleaner Air

Fake plants don’t photosynthesise, while real plants can improve air quality. A green wall can brighten up an entire quarter of your room, and plants’ sheer density can also tackle carbon dioxide. The more real plants you have dotted around your office, the fresher it will feel! Employees are less likely to experience asthma symptoms with clean air, so you’ll notice a healthier team too.

Your Anxiety Levels Decrease

The responsibility of real plants can help to tackle anxiety. Nurturing and caring for live leaves feels emotionally fulfilling for staff, and you can monitor growth in height and width. Fake plants add a hint of green to your space and keep your office attractive, but they don’t offer the same opportunities for care and repair. Live plants require regular watering too, which encourages time away from the desk.

You’ll Feel Creative And Productive

Nature encourages productivity while mainly supporting creativity. Connecting with the outside world inspires curiosity and enables new ways of thinking! Observing and caring for real plants gives your employees some downtime to think about their problems afresh. Unique, creative perspectives equal quicker problem solving and a more productive workday! Fake plants don’t need that care or attention.

The Benefits Of Artificial Plants

Artificial plants don’t ask as much from you. They’ll appear the same all year round so that you can rely on their bright colour in summer through to winter. Here are some reasons to go fake.

You Can Place Plants In Difficult Spots

Artificial plant rental is ideal when you have many hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in the office. You can add a splash of green into high, unreachable corners without worrying about watering the plants. Real plants need to be strategically positioned since you’ll need to trim and water them to upkeep their attractiveness. Fake plants are much lower maintenance and suited to bare spots in large offices.

You Needn’t Worry About Sunlight

Most live plants require sunlight to photosynthesise and grow. Of course, artificial plants aren’t trying to grow, so they needn’t be positioned near a window. Additionally, you won’t have to address sun scorch on fake leaves. Plants can get sunburned too, and natural plants will turn white if they’re exposed too often to sunlight. You needn’t worry about burning with a fake flower, though!

The Conclusion On Artificial and Real Plants

Both natural and fake indoor plants provide unique upsides. Artificial flowers and miniature trees don’t need watering or sunlight; you can position them anywhere. Live stems and leaves can improve your air quality and focus in the office.

If you’re unsure about the greenery that will best suit your business, contact us at Aztec Plants. We’ll advise you on the best solution for your space, whether real or fake.

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