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Plants in an atrium

When customers or visitors enter a building, in those first few seconds they will form an opinion straight away of the company. This means that the first place they walk into should be able to make a great impression.

For many the entrance of a building comes in the form of an atrium. Atriums are often large and open spaces, with plenty of natural sunlight, as well as areas of shade. This means that having an indoor atrium garden may be the ideal way to add some colour to the space.

Sounds easy? If you are unsure about plants and which ones will work best, then you may find yourself wondering exactly what to plant. With this in mind we have put together our guide to the perfect plants for your atrium. Giving you a heads up on which blooms will work beautifully in this space, and give your business the colourful boost it needs.

Plants that are happy in the shade

Some areas of your atrium will receive less light than others, this is simply due to the position of the sun and the building itself.

The majority of indoor plants require sunlight in some form, however, there are those that can thrive still in low lighting conditions. This includes by the stairs, by north facing windows or next to taller plants which take up the light.

Great plants for these low lit areas include:

  • Peace Lily
  • Rubber Plant
  • Dragon tree
  • English Ivy
  • Spider Plant


Plants that need a touch more light

Whilst there are some that love the shade, there are other plants that are going to definitely need a touch more light in order to thrive. These plants can be placed in the sunniest spaces, perhaps directly by a glass pane or under a skylight.

Some of the sun loving plants include:

  • Croton
  • Hoya
  • Ravenna Palm
  • Schefflera

If you have a taller space that allows you to accommodate larger plants then they are other tree-type plants that will work well in a sunlit atrium, creating a bold and impactful look. These include:

  • Black Olive Tree
  • Weeping Fig
  • Banana Leaf Ficus
  • Phoenix Palm

What if the air is dry?

Whilst your atrium space may be blessed with plenty of light, you may find that the air within it is particularly dry. This could mean that more tropical plants would struggle to thrive in the conditions.

If this is true for you then don’t underestimate the beauty of a cactus or two. They may sound prickly, but they still come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. Perfect for brightening up any space, and best of all, they require very little maintenance.

Not only does these atrium friendly plants give a touch of colour and texture, but like all plants, they are great for keeping the air nice and clean too. Great if you want your visitors to feel that they can breathe deeply while they visit you.


The Wow Factor

An atrium gives opportunity and space to show off with a really impressive tree. At time atriums can be echoey places, and trees and plants absorb this sound. In addition they enhance the scale and size of your operation in the mind of a visitor. For forward-thinking companies that are focused on enlargement, these are perfect!

Humidity levels can also be a challenge in Atria. Getting the right balance of temperature and humidity is not easy, but plants do this naturally.

Still uncertain?  Call Aztec Plants on 01553 617060 and let us help you select the right tree or indoor plant for your office environment.

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