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vLarge office space with indoor plants and live plants in London

Almost everybody and their nan adore indoor plants, and they’re only getting more popular! After nearly a year stuck inside, decorating your home will have been a significant priority. Still, perhaps you haven’t committed to adopting any leafy friends yet. After all, indoor gardening is a commitment, and you’ll need to water and prune your plants to keep them happy and healthy. 

Well, that isn’t strictly true. Artificial indoor plants are an option too! You get the beautiful appearance of a flower or a succulent without the responsibility of keeping it alive. Still – are indoor plants worth the hype? Here are a few reasons why Aztec Plants believe they are.

Indoor Plants Look Pretty

First and foremost, you can’t beat the healthy green of leaves scattered around in pots. Every corner of your home will brighten with some tasteful plants, and that’s only one of the reasons why they’re worth the hype! You can choose any colour of flower with your indoor plants to suit the theme of your house, and you can pop them in any plant pot you like. The possibilities are endless!

Indoor Plants Are Good For Health

The health benefits of indoor plants are only valid with biological species, but they’re certainly worth considering! Even indoor plants photosynthesise, so they’ll absorb the carbon dioxide in your atmosphere while releasing fresh oxygen. So, the more plants you have, the cleaner and more fresh your air will be! Clean air can mean decreased asthma and allergy symptoms and better sleep quality – what a win.

Indoor Plants Boost Creativity

Both natural and artificial plants in your workspace can act as inspiration. We feel our most creative when we’re surrounded by nature, but you can’t work from your laptop in the middle of a field with no signal! Plenty of indoor plants act as a compromise between working outdoors and marinating inside. You’ve got beautiful surroundings to encourage beautiful ideas, whether your plants are real or fake.

Indoor Plants Improve Job Satisfaction

It’s needless to say that employees in attractive workplaces feel much more valued by their employer and are more satisfied as a team. Higher job satisfaction means your staff members are less likely to quit, and you’ll waste much less time needing to hire. While presenting every employee with a desk plant may seem insignificant, it’s a small way to show your appreciation for their effort.

Indoor Plants Reduce Stress Levels

Tending to plants can reduce both physiological and psychological stress! Leafy friends encourage their owners to feel soothed, at one with nature, and comfortable. Watering a plant and tending to its body every once in a while can break up the stress of everyday tasks and allow team members a little downtime. Whether you introduce a whole interior living wall or just potted plants, the benefits are similar.

Indoor Plants Break The Ice

Taking care of indoor plants is an excellent topic of conversation, mainly if staff members compete amongst themselves for the healthiest flower or leaf. In a workplace where there are multiple teams with little interaction, starting a rota for the care of indoor plants can encourage interaction between employees that otherwise wouldn’t have met. No more scrambling for ice breakers!

Indoor Plants Suit Your Budget

Whether you’re searching for a natural living wall or artificial flowers in a pot to spruce up your office, there are options for plants to suit any budget. Other decorations, such as sculptures and artwork, can prove pricey if you want excellent quality. The quality of your plants relies less on how much they cost and more on how you care for them. Contact us at Aztec Plants to find out more.

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