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Kentia Palm

From The Islands of Pacific to Hotel Lobbies

Kentia Palm (Howea Fosteriana) is a timeless favourite office and house plant. It became popular during the Victorian era, after being discovered in the XVIII century by Capitan James Cook’s naturalists on one of the islands south-east of Australia. 

Today, kentia palm often features in office receptions and halls, hotel lobbies, casinos, and shopping centres around the world. 

Kentia Palm: Air-purifying and Elegant

Once established, Kentia Palm requires relatively low maintenance and thrives in low light and darker places, making it perfect for not so well-lit spaces. Kentia is tolerant to warm and cool air, so is suitable for airconditioned offices. 

Apart from being elegant and resilient, kentia has air-purifying qualities. In natural habitat this palm can grow up to 10 meters tall, however indoors, depending on placement and care, Kentia Palm will grow to over meter, maintaining relatively low spread, making it great standalone plant in confined spaces. 

Aztec Experience with Howea Fosteriana

Aztec clients often request Kentia Palm for their offices. It features in receptions, board rooms and halls. We offer kentia palm in a variety of planters (including GRP, ceramic, stainless steel, and fibrestone), which supports growth and health. 

Maintenance includes regular visits for ensuring correct soil moisture, spraying, pest control, cleaning, and pruning. 

Kentia Palm Key Characteristics for Office




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