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christmas tree

Christmas trees really make Christmas special. So if you want a special Christmas, get a special Christmas Tree. There really is only one kind of tree to have and that’s a natural Christmas tree. There’s nothing fake about real Christmas trees, they smell amazing, have a real look and feel and are a sustainable crop which can be composted once you’ve finished with them.

You’ll also have all the fun of choosing your Christmas tree which will make Christmas all the more special. Then there’s the chance to decorate your tree with a variety of cherished and special decorations which your children will have fond and happy memories of. Another advantage of a real tree is that you won’t have to put it away and store it in the attic once Christmas is over, simply tidy away your lights and decorations and you can then take it to your local council amenity where you will be able to have it recycled into healthy compost which will sustain a new generation of trees and shrubs.

A Real Christmas, with a Real Tree

There’s something very different about decorating a real Christmas tree to an artificial tree. Natural Christmas trees imbue your home with a very real atmosphere that you won’t get from an artificial tree. You’ll be able to smell the fresh smell of pine throughout your home as the 12 days of Christmas progress. There’s a certain natural elegance to a natural tree that an artificial tree really cannot compete with. You’ll have that cosy feeling that says you’ve bought a real tree and are also doing your bit for the environment by adding it back to the earth once the tree is composted. So if you want a real holiday feeling in your home this year, make this Christmas once to remember and buy a real Christmas tree. Experience the true feeling of Yuletide.

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