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Having a business means that you always want to make sure that it is seen in the best light. Any time that you can effectively market your brand, you are likely to go for it. So, what if you could promote your brand, just by having some plants in your premises?

Sounds strange? Well, you may not realise it, but plants are a powerful visual tool when it comes to promoting your brand. Want to know more? Take a look through the following post, and find out just why plants could be the addition that you need in your business. 

They expand your company appeal

Are you a customer facing business, one that has plenty of customers visiting? If you are, then chances are that you will want to make sure that your business looks great, both inside and out.

Potential customers can be put off from using your service or buying your product, simply by the way the outside of the business looks. So, if you want to increase your curb appeal (the impression that is gained from simply looking at the outside of your property) then plants may just be the ideal addition.

Pick bright and colourful blooms that will really catch the eye, but also make sure that they are hardy too, the last thing that you will want your customers to see is a bunch of lack lustre plants.

They create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers

If you have made the effort to create a great look outside your business, you might as well carry on and make the inside appealing too. Indoor plants will create a colourful and welcoming atmosphere for your clients and customers. They are particularly useful in reception or waiting areas, where they may need to spend some time before coming in to see you.

The main purpose of plants is to purify the air, so they are particularly welcome in rooms that can feel a little stuffy.

They show your customers that you care about the environment

More and more of us are becoming environmentally aware, we want to make sure that we minimise our carbon footprint, and take good care of the world outside our window. This means that customers are often looking to do business with companies that have an awareness of their own eco footprint.

By nurturing plants in your premises, you are showing your customers that you like to tread a slightly greener path. Which may be something that appeals to their environmentally aware nature.

Why not take this one step further and sign up to a tree planting scheme, and advertise that this is something that you support? Not only does it look great for your marketing, but also a bit of charity is a great thing too!

So, now you know, not only will plants improve your workplace, but they could also draw in more customers too. Get yourself some plants and see if you can increase your sales and leads.

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