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Stress is endemic in the workplace and can manifest itself in sleepless nights, mood swings and many other physical disorders including weight gain and the associated problems which that brings. Needless to say having a stressed workforce can largely be a less productive workforce so it makes good financial sense to take measures to lower stress on your employees so you can increase your bottom line!

Simple ways to de-stress your employees

If you’re an employer, you’ll want to squeeze the very best out of your employees so you can improve your business and customer satisfaction. Stressed employees equal bad humoured employees who are not performing at their optimum. So just how can you turn things around?

A natural space to enjoy the outdoors

Well one proven method for improving employee wellbeing is to provide an area like a roof terrace for your staff to chill out and relax. Office spaces are often by their nature stressful, particularly if they are open plan because they’re noisy and there’s really nowhere to escape or have privacy just to switch off. So providing a roof terrace with a variety of rich foliage planted in simple pots can mean the world of difference. Your staff will be able to get up on the roof away from the stresses of phones and computers, get some fresh air and spend some time day dreaming in the luxury of their mini natural forest. Providing a variety of seating areas which are screened with simple but effective planting schemes and colourful flowers can really help staff to switch off and have some downtime.

Natural ecosystems to recharge the batteries

Enabling staff to recharge their batteries and giving them the opportunity to relax and clear their head can really help everyone to work harder when they return to their desk. Moreover, it can increase productivity by reducing stress, helping staff to focus on the task in hand. So fill your roof terrace with a variety of hardy shrubs and miniature ornamental trees and lots of native plants and flowers which will attract in some local wildlife. Soon you’ll have an ecosystem in the sky to be proud of where your staff can use to daydream in during their precious downtime.

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