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The Best Flowers For Your Office (And Why!)

Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinners (Lisianthus)

Say goodbye to clinical feeling offices, to dreary grey walls and rows of desks. Modern offices significantly focus on design, ranging from open-plan offices to trendy furniture to biophilic designs such as living walls. If you want to bring a sense of nature and colour to your office, consider some office flowers. They bring life and a bit of fun, and who doesn’t need more of that in the workplace sometimes? Flowers are more than just a trend; flowers reap a whole load of benefits that can make a tremendous difference to a workspace.

Benefits Of Having Flowers In The Office

Stress Relievers

For many people, just the presence of flowers and other indoor plants makes space feel instantly more calming. Unfortunately, stress is part of working life, and it will probably always be around. But, a study by the University of North Florida found that living with flowers significantly alleviates stress. As we spend such a large chunk of our day at work, office flowers can only bring positive changes to the workplace!

A Welcomed Distraction

Having something to look forward to at work, such as an office flower delivery, can bring a very welcomed distraction at work! We all know that sometimes working starts to feel monotonous; a bunch of blooming flowers is guaranteed to brighten the day a bit! Also, flowers need caring for, some more than others. Having that bit of responsibility, along with an excuse to get out of the office chair and have a little walk around, helps reset the mind.

Increased Happiness

The smell of fresh flowers on a dull winter morning is guaranteed to perk up the office! It’s a pick me up for employees, and for customers too! The presence of office flowers can help start everyone’s day off on the right foot, more so than a drab, boring office. Time to spark some more inspiration in the office!

Heightened Productivity

Office flowers are proven to replenish attention and focus. Researchers found that even viewing pictures of nature can make a difference to our attention span. So, you can only begin to imagine the difference bunches of flowers could make to the team!

Things To Consider When Choosing Office Flowers


People are allergic to pollen! This allergy causes a vast range of symptoms, the main one being itchy eyes. As you can imagine, itchy, painful eyes do no good for employee happiness and productivity! Even if nobody who works in your office is allergic to pollen, best to avoid allergen office flowers; you don’t want to be setting off a reaction for a client! Some flowers to avoid are daisies, sunflowers, and lavender.

Brand Image

When choosing office flowers, think about what your company stands for. If you are a bridal company, for example, go for white, elegant flowers. If you are a trendy start-up, go for fun and bright blooms, such as palm leaves and peonies.

Also, what are your company colours? You can request flower arrangements to fit your brand colours; this will make your office space appear professional to potential clients.


Think about the maintenance of the office flowers, do your workforce have the time to meet the requirements? You can get a maintenance service to help keep your office flowers looking ship shape! Reputable companies will always ensure your office flowers arrive fresh, which in turn ensures they stay healthy as long as possible.

Some of The Best Choices for Office Flowers


Ideal office flowers as they are available in varied sizes. Large orchids are great to make an impact in big areas such as conference rooms and receptions. Small orchids, on the other hand, make for the perfect desk plant. They also require minimum maintenance, so they are easy to keep alive.

Peace Lily

An attractive option, with eye-catching white flowers which stand out against green leaves. Peace lilies don’t have to be in direct sunlight, so an excellent choice for offices with minimal light. They only need to be watered weekly!

African Violet

This flower requires a bit more maintenance than the others on the list. Still, it’s an excellent option for an office flower as they’re small, so great for little offices or for brightening up desks which it’s a beautiful colour.

Office Flower Delivery Services

With an office flower delivery service, you and your employees can receive a nice pick me up, either a one-off or a regular delivery! Whatever type of flower displays you are looking for, you can fully tailor our delivery service to meet your office’s needs. Our flowers always arrive fresh, with a long life guaranteed. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business grow with office flowers, contact us today, and we will help you brighten up your employees day!

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