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urban trees by aztec plants

Whilst living in a city can have its benefits, those who live in an urban area can sometimes feel that they are surrounded by nothing but grey. Endless streets, buildings and a distinct lack of green or colour that plants, trees and flowers can bring. Whilst modern planners and governments are aware of this and are addressing it, the process is long and slow.

This is where we feel that there is a real value to be had by installing urban trees.

Urban trees are trees or shrubs that are planted in the centre of urban areas, they could be in a public space, along a walkway, or perhaps even in the form of a rooftop garden.

But what is so awesome about urban trees and why should more cities be taking advantage of their power?

They provide habitats for wildlife

We all love the natural wildlife that we find in our country, but it seems that compared to rural areas, that urban areas are not as plentiful with such creatures. If you live in an urban area then a great way to keep the levels of wildlife up is to provide somewhere for them to live. The perfect habitat comes in the form of a tree or bush, so having these in your city will affect the amount of wildlife that you see.

They absorb harmful chemicals and put out oxygen

If you read our blog on a regular basis, then you will be likely to see that plants are a great way to improve air quality in an office or home. Not only this, but they can also help in the open air too. Urban spaces are known for their pollution, which means that anything that can help purify the air is welcome. Bushes in particular are great for this. A recent study by the BBC showed, that, as they are at ground level, they can suck up low lying pollution, for example that which is released from cars, and feed oxygen back into the air.

They look great

There is no denying that a space with plenty of green is a space that is going to look great. If you find that an urban area is looking a little on the grey side, then brightening it up can be as simple as planting in one or two trees to really bring some colour to the space.

So, now you know, despite urban areas being great places to live and work, you can really improve the way they look and feel, simply with a touch of trees! See some of our projects and capabilities here.

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