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Working From Home – How Plants Can Help

Small planters and plants

What now seems like a long time ago, when most of us travelled to work and sat in an office all day – do you remember? – We used to adorn our personal spaces with mementoes of home to help us stay feeling connected with a life we seemed to see all too rarely. A calendar of cute puppies, framed snapshots of our wonderful partner and adorable family, our favourite coffee mug, and maybe a cosy scarf to protect us from the chilly blast of the air-conditioning.

But look at us now. If we’re fortunate, we’ve been able to progress from balancing our laptop on our knees while we sit huddled on a bean bag in the corner, or surrounded by the remnants of last night’s meal on the one clear corner of the kitchen table, and have turned a spare bedroom or under stairs cupboard into an office.

But it isn’t really an office until we have added our own personal touches. A calendar from our favourite supplier, framed photos of our wonderful boss and adorable colleagues, a stack of used, stale paper vending cups, and…

An office plant.

Not the spindly spider plant that you rescued from a neighbour’s compost heap and nurtured back to full health with cold tea leaves from the office canteen. A real, proper office plant with glossy leaves and moist dark soil, tastefully complemented by an officey-looking pot.

Aztec Plants Launches New WFH Service

With a high percentage of employees now working from home, employers face the challenges of maintaining the productivity, synergy and motivation of an office environment.

Staff may be feeling lonely and isolated, deprived of their usual daily social interaction that unsurprisingly, cannot be compensated for by social media.

The benefits of having plants in an office are well-documented. They help induce a sense of calm and well-being (biophilia), soften the hard lines of desks and screens, and replace carbon dioxide (bad) with oxygen (good).

Now, thanks to a new initiative recently launched by Aztec Plants, companies can restore something of the office atmosphere for home workers.

Their specially selected plants and containers make the perfect gift for showing stressed-out staff you care about them, are perfect for the home office environment and provide an opportunity for colleagues to interact without having to talk about lockdown or social distancing.

Give one to each of your employees and encourage them to talk about their plants (or to them if you think that might help). Suggest they share experiences and tips on plant care, and hold competitions for the best-kept plant.

It won’t be a big outlay, but it could be a great investment. As they say, it’s the little things that count.

If you would like to care for your staff with a living gift, please contact us here for more information…

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