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living walls by aztec plants

When you own a business, chances are that you will want to make sure that you make the right first impression with your customers and clients.

There are a number of ways that you can do this, from beautifully finished interior design, a clean and professional looking space and of course a friendly person to greet them as they walk in.

But another way that you can do this, and one that may be overlooked is the living wall.

What is a living wall?

A living wall is essentially a piece of wall art, but rather than being crafted from paints and a canvas, a living wall is a natural creation. Living and growing.

They are often made from a variety of different materials, however preserved moss is a popular choice. They come with luscious shades of green, with splashes of colour. Perfect for when you want to bring a reception space to life.

Creating the ultimate wow factor!

So, how do these living walls make sure that your customers are impressed? One way that they do it is by creating a wow factor like no other.

They are a design statement, they show your potential customers that you are different, and proud of it. Customers may also see these as a costly addition to your premises, which will give the impression that you are successful in what you do.

Another great benefit is that they show that you care about the world around you. Something which seems to be key in these modern times. Your customers will feel that you want to take an active role in cultivating the natural plants and flowers that surround us. So much so that you bring them indoors.

It isn’t only your customers who will be impressed by the idea of a living wall. Your employees are sure to love it too, and you know what they say, happy employees are hardworking employees.

The type of living wall that you go for is entirely down to you. It will vary on the space that you have, the levels of light that you have, and of course the end result that you want to achieve.

No matter what you choose, one thing is for sure, with a living wall in your business premises, you are going to create the best first impression possible.

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