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Plants - Vital To The Food Chain.

When it comes to having plants in or outside of your home or office, there are some obvious benefits. One of them has to be that it livens up the space and makes sure that it looks pleasing at all times. However, these aren’t the only benefit that plants can bring.

Aside from being able to clean the air that we breath, plants are also a vital part of the food chain. But how?

To find out more, let’s take a look at why this statement is true.

Plants attract bugs and insects

Even in the most urban areas, there are plenty of creatures around. They may not always be visible, but the UK is teeming with a variety of life. Some of which feast on plants as part of their diet. This is particularly true for bugs and insects, which will often be found feeding on the leaves of their favourite plant. This in time provides larger creatures such as hedgehogs and birds, with something for them to eat.

They are a habitat to keep animals around

Not only providing food, some plants are also great at giving animals shelter too. Particularly those that like to hide away. Birds can make their nests, hedgehogs have a safe place to sleep and even foxes or badgers also find solace in the larger bushes outside.

They keep the soil alive

You may be forgiven for thinking that plants simply take nutrients from the soil for their food. Whilst of course this is true, there is so much more that they do. When they drop leaves or flowers onto the soil, these are then absorbed, along with some nutrients too. This keeps the soil alive and able to support some more plant life.

So plants are not only decorative, but they can have a very positive effect on life. What are you waiting for? Why not plant some blooms or bushes outside your home or office, and see what benefits they can bring? Advice on the best plants to support and encourage life is always available from the team at Aztec. Call us today, we are here to help!

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